Weekly Dev Log for March 30th, 2018


Weekly Dev Log for March 30th, 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for the week of March 30th, 2018. If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently retired our old Daily Dev Log in favor of the Weekly Dev Log, which will allow us to give a broader picture and explain things in plain English, while also including some photos from development. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Zombie Massacre


@Lifeless continued working on Trainyard.

Zombie Massacre: Gameplay on Gasoline

Weapon Systems

@macdguy has been working on implementing the weapon code this week. He completed code for the Bolt Action Rifle, Laser Rifle, Double Barrel, Dual Uzi, Magnum, Auto Shotgun, SPAS-12, Crossbow, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower and the RPG, thus completing all the code for the weapons. He also worked on the weapon inventory, finished the melee system, and created a system so that weapons are drawn on the backs of players. One of the main systems created this week was the pickup system, so that the player can find and obtain weapons from the ground.

Zombie Massacre: Weapon Pickup System (Low FPS due to Recording Software)

Zombie Massacre: Gameplay Demo with Pickup System and new Weapons (Low FPS due to Recording Software)

Weapon Models

@Matt has been working on a new model for the grenade launcher, and @Madmijk worked on the material, animations, and particle effects for the RPG rocket.

Zombie Massacre: Grenade Launcher Barrel WIP

Zombie Massacre: Grenade Launcher Barrel WIP

Zombie Massacre: Grenade Launcher Barrel + Grenade Container WIP

Zombie Massacre: RPG Rocket WIP

Zombie Massacre: RPG Rocket in Flight 1 WIP

Zombie Massacre: RPG Rocket in Flight 2 WIP

Weapon Sounds

@Will continued working on sound effects for the weapons, making a healing sound for the Doctor, firing sounds for the M4A1, and the slice sound for the Katana. He also started working on sounds for the Minigun and the Grenade Launcher.

Zombie Animations

@Wergulz worked on fixing the zombie animations, by rebuilding the Zombie rig by making it as close to the Tower skeleton as possible.

Community Condo: Lobby One

@Johanna has been working on the Lobby One Community Condo this week, remastering the old textures. These new textures will be usable in the older condos as well.

Lobby One Community Condo: Remastered Textures

Steam Workshop

Most of the work this week was focused on creating a skeletal rig for player models, rebuilding the Tower Skeleton for workshop use. To test our system, we’ve asked the community for models which are rigged with our skeleton. You can read more about this here.


@Caboose700 continued working on Steam Achievements, implementing achievements for Minigolf, Virus, and Ball Race.

Upcoming Furniture

@JJosh has continued working on adding new furniture to Tower Unite. This week, he added the Hospital Office Desk, the Hospital Gurney, a Record Shelf, a Vinyl Record Canvas, a Canvas Doormat, a Wall Speaker, three Kitchen Counters, an Open Outdoor Trashcan, a Kitchen Sink, and a Canvas Floor Sign (wet floor sign).

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened this week at PixelTail Games. We’ll see you all next week, and have a great weekend!


The visuals for Trainyard (Whoops Gasoline I meant Gasoline) are incredible.


Damn Zombie Massacre is looking better and better, and this flow of more condo items is fantastic.


Actually that’s Gasoline.


The visuals for Gasoline are incredible.



Lol I was looking back over the dev log like “Hmm…I don’t see trainyard” thought I was missing something. That’s the road system they showed off on stream ages ago right?

Can’t wait to see more of it in action.


Can’t wait to use the new textures! looks cool!


Oh man that grenade launcher, those piccatinny rails look so great


Are you kidding me? That’s slow?


Yes, 18-40 FPS is disgustingly low.


back when i played the 360 40 fps would blow my mind apart, heck i would kill to play tu on 15 fps today (cuz no pc :frowning: )