Official Workshop Player Model Rig! (and how you can help us)



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Weekly Dev Log for March 30th, 2018
Is there anyone thatcan make me a playermodel for when the workshop comes out?!
Weekly Dev Log for April 6th, 2018

Are we only allowed to upload original character models or can we utilise existing models from other games and rig them?


Since we’re not going to use them in the game and this is just for testing purposes, sure knock yourself out.


HOLD MY BEAR!, That i’m going to do it


Awesome stuff. Been working on some stuff on VRChat so i can start porting some stuff over and see how it looks. If i can get it working using the rigging in unity i will let you know.


What about when we can put models into the game officially?


Are we allowed to resize the skeleton or parts of it? Say make the leg bones shorter? I have a pretty silly short model with no arms which I was gonna try.


You may certainly try it, I can think of 5 possible outcomes and 4 of them are funny as hell.

( to be honest, I don’t know, that’s why we’re testing )



I have no idea how to rig whatsoever, but being able to test TU stuffs is giving me a big incentive to learn how.


Hehe there you go hopefully it works since i had no idea what i was doing


This might sound stupid because you are using Unreal Engine but, can you add Unity model support? Like the VRchat one


Hey the fbx download link returns a 404 error.


Click the link above where it says Compatible with Maya, 3DS Max, and Blender.


That sadly doesn’t solve the missing file problem.


Made my first original character for it. Its a little bit rough around the edges, but i like the outcome so far. Still need to rig it and rigging has been a real pain so far.


They call me Dr. Manhattan.


i like the leaf




For those not on the Discord that don’t know about this.


The Workshop rig 2.0 is here in case anyone missed it:

The link’s here:

EDIT: I have no idea who Dave is but I’m sure you’ll love him!

EDIT 2: This is Dave: