Weekly Dev Log for July 15th, 2019

Weekly Dev Log for July 15th, 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for July 15th, 2019, detailing all the changes that have happened since July 8th, 2019. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Arcade Progress

@Wheezwer and @Johanna continued working on the Arcade Machine art. Signs for Skee Ball, Super Hoopers, Tornado, Salmon Says, and Stack’em were created.

@Wheezwer worked on art for the Skee Ball backboard, finished art for Tornado, and started work on art for the “Jar Toss” game, another “Ball Drop” game, and the “Pachinko” machine.

@macdguy worked on the logic for Wheel of Fire (90% done), Pluck-a-pal (80% done), Tornado (80% done), and Whack-a-mole (90% done) machines. He also continued working on Ring Toss to make the gameplay better and added effects. He worked on improved LED effects for Skee-ball and Little Birde Feeders. Work was done for the 2D/3D base, creating weapon support (w/ networking). He worked on the overall Arcade base, adding debug visualizations to help with optimizations, remaking the seat/multiplayer system, and overall improvements. He also started working on the gameplay for Lonely Gun 30XX.

@Madmijk continued working on the shader and gameplay for Captain Calypso’s Planetary Piano.

Gloves continued working on animations for Arcade, working on Stack’em and Skee Ball.

@Will continued working on sounds for Skee Ball.

Skee Ball with Updated Backboard and Sign WIP

Super Hoopers Logo and Sign Art WIP

Stack’em Sign Art WIP

Dizzy Sign Art WIP

Tornado Cabinet and Artwork WIP

The Offering Cabinet and Artwork WIP

Unnamed Ball Drop Cabinet Model WIP

Little Birde Feeders Light Animations WIP

Skee-ball Light Animations WIP

Captain Calypso’s Planetary Piano Gameplay Demo WIP

Arcade Shooter Demos WIP

Pluck-a-pal Crane Machine Physics Demo WIP

Wheel of Fire Gameplay WIP

Tornado Gameplay WIP

Whack-a-mole Gameplay WIP

Salmon Says Logo Artwork WIP

RC Tank Item WIP

Virus: Subway Changes

@Lifeless made some slight changes to a couple hallways in Subway, to make them less campable.

Virus: Subway Hallway Changes WIP

Plaza Transportation Items

@JJosh continued working on new Plaza Transportation Items, such as the Skateboard and Three Wheeled Trike.

Plaza Transportation Items WIP

Plaza Art Updates

@Sketch worked on updated Plaza Banner Art, such as The Stray advertisements.

Updated Plaza Art WIP

Code Optimizations

@Sketch continued looking into the memory leaks and optimizations. This week he implemented Axis Aligned Bounding Box calculations for Workshop Item meshes, which will be very useful for culling and performance optimizations.

Workshop Item Bounding Boxes WIP

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since July 8th, 2019 at PixelTail Games. See you all next week!



will the items in the crane game become “Not In Stores/Special”, or can you still buy them? Questions aside, the arcade is coming along smoothly!

You’ll be able to unlock them with tickets but they’re going to be very high price.


Hm, will the view of arcade game machines work like the one posted here? Will we be able to full screen them?

If you are referring to the 2D/3D machines, I plan to add an immersive mode that makes it full screen.


Yes, that’s awesome! You guys are one of the best dev teams around. Arcade is looking better and better and I can’t wait for the update! Another question I have is what kind of style will Accelerate be, will it be like Source Karts?


We’re leaning towards that, but with new features and powerups.


Thanks for that training bike, I need 3 wheels cause I’ve never ridden a bike before.

Add a Pogo Stick too and it’ll be perfect.

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see new transport is cool but can we get rocket jumping with the firework launcher please? :^)
and can we do sick tricks with the skateboard?

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Moped AND a skateboard!? Rideable skateboards in nonskating games are so rare but always bump a game up a whole letter grade for me. Really only Dead Rising and Bully have done it well. A basic ollie animation would go a long way for it, but just getting a working one is incredible!

Now that we can play with fire works, shoot a potato gun, ride mopeds/skateboards and play arcade games as workshop Jimmy Hopkins who needs Bully 2?

You mean trike & skateboard?

Great to see arcade coming along nicely!

Will the Wheel of Fire be power oriented? Can we hold onto the space bar for stronger/weaker pulls?

Having a trike added to the game is one of those things you did not know you wanted until you were getting it, can we also get a half pipe so we can make sick tricks with the trike?

Also the new catsack design seems
a little bit unsettling, dunno why though


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Very glad I catch up to these thanks to discord notifications.

I always tend to forget to check the forums daily but oh well.
Still looking fantastic as always for this update

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Personally love the wheel of fire and tornado machine art!

need ti create skate park