Weekly Dev Log for July 15th, 2019

hello when is the update finished?

We can’t really tell when a update is released, normally they give a estimate (right now it’s Q3 aka the 3rd quarter of the year) but it could ofcourse be longer than that, for now let’s wait

I was referring to last weeks dev log where they showed the scooter. The trike is cool too for being goofy.

Hope the skateboard can get workshop art one day but would be fun to collect different board colors too.
Arcade machines are looking quite impressive, kinda wish I could get a close view of those cabinet models but I’ll be patient.
Arcade update is gonna be great already, reminds me to fish more in the mean time.

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go to Suggestions for skateboard idea i’m gonna vote for this X)

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Loving the passion and hard work going in to this Arcade update. Look forward to doing some sick Kickflips in the Plaza!

even if they dont add it, I’m still going to make it look like I’m doing it with the jetpack


The arcade and methods of transportation are definitely going to add a lot to the plaza

I have a question and although is actually a ttt play mode planned?

TTT is not planned for Tower since it would be copying that gamemode


is a similar game mode planned?

Once condo PvP becomes a thing you can make it yourself :wink: