Weed in TU/ General discussion

I know that TU will be receiving an ESRB rating of T and as far as I can tell it’s okay especially since (I’m assuming) alcohol will be served in the Pulse Nightclub. (plus it would be nice to have more options than just alcohol)

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Alcohol is legal everywhere. Marijuana is a drug. It’s illegal in more places than is legal. Not gonna happen.


It wouldn’t even do anything interesting in a video game.
Like, what would it even do? Make you walk slower and spout ‘philosophical’ thoughts?

Honestly, rather have LSD or something more interesting for a video game.


^ True.

Uhhh… just curious, but what does a Tank Rampage in GTA have to do with weed in TU?

My point was just that this is kind of a silly argument since everything that’s actually fun in GTA V is illegal and it’s a best seller.

It’s also rated M.
Tower Unite will not be.

The reason it’s fun in gta is that there are consequences for your actions, not so much in TU. Having weed in a game with no consequences just feels… I don’t know… edgy?

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Muffled Linkin Park plays in the background


Music is louder and voices are quieter
effects (such as jetpack trail) are brighter and more colorful
shaders become softer/better quality
nature looks more attractive
instead of drunk quotes use stuff like ‘philosophical’ thoughts

smoke trail that follows you

I live in Seattle there’s no consequences for smoking weed. it’s still fun :wink:

I guess it is, but the point is, this is only true in a minuscule number of countries and states.

Both at the national (US) and the global levels, the use of marijuana still remains mostly illegal and in many cases highly frowned upon. I don’t think it would have its place in Tower Unite.


Let’s add Doritos and billboards with anime pictures everywhere too!


Sorry for wall o’ text, I get ranty sometimes
Something being illegal IRL is a silly reason not to add it into a game. Other games have that stuff and are fine.

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Legality is not the issue here. I don’t understand why this is so taboo because it’s illegal! Plenty of games allow illegal stuff, take Elite: Dangerous for example, being one of my all time favorite games I know how common BLOWING UP SPACESHIPS AND KILLING PEOPLE FOR THEIR LOOT is, and if a game has something illegal in it, it isn’t just turned down and forgotten about, to bring the point about GTA V back literally everything fun is illegal. A game about killing hundreds of innocent civilians. stealing cars and 'sploding anything that moves for your own enjoyment? SURE! a fun casual game with a bunch of minigames and alcohol? SURE! The same game but with weed? bro that shits illegal in most of the world that’s a bad idea…

end wall o’ text

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Food = yes
Anime billboards = already possible? (custom posters)

Nononono that’s not what I said. I wasn’t generalizing it was very specific (except for “everywhere”, I guess). Doritos, and Anime billboards all around the Plaza.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ more Doritos or MILDLY ANGRY CROWD ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

It’s not necessarily about it being illegal, but rather controversial (whether this controversy comes from illegality or personal experiences is irrelevant).

Plus, as the game is somewhat targeted towards teens, depicting the use of drugs in a game (especially in a good way like you are suggesting) carries real life risks of negatively influencing young people, who are highly vulnerable to such things as peer pressure and the likes, into drug consumption. You use killing people as a comparison, but I really don’t think being able to dissociate reality from fiction is as easy for people when it comes to drugs, probably since murder is a much more extreme act and implies huge consequences in the real world that everyone can understand.

Now I hope this discussion doesn’t get too philosophical, but I think I’ve made my point here. Also, please don’t go thinking I’m strongly against drugs or anything (them being legal or not makes me completely indifferent), but it is obvious that they are far from being entirely harmless.

(I know that the exact same could be said about alcohol, but that one is already ubiquitous in our society and people are arguably more competent when dealing with that)

I also want to point out that the ESRB makes a distinction between “drug reference” and “use of drugs”. The first one does fall under the T rating, but I don’t think the same can be said about the latter. If my whole argument makes no sense to you for some reason, it will always end up boiling down to this and the developers’ desire to maintain a T rating.


Good points. I’d agree with that, although, couldn’t the same be said with alcohol? Just for the sake of argument so to speak…

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