Weather (originally from Steam Discussions)

A Steam user named Ricochet227 suggested on the Steam Discussions for Tower Unite that weather effects such as rain and/or snow be added to the Plaza and Condos. A user named Radek also suggested in that same discussion that Condo owners should be able to control what the current status of the weather is via the C key menu. I would like to reassert that I did not originally come up with this idea, a Steam user named Ricochet227 did.


Yes I like this Idea :smiley:
Maybe Lobbys have the weather set to what the owner wants or it’s based off of the current season and maybe condos default to the current season? Meh Idk but I like the Idea nonetheless


Sounds really cool, although I am sure that the devs already had this in mind, probably add it along with the day/night controls as Weather Controls.

Tower Unite takes place in a tropical area… There’s no weather.

There is rain in tropical lands :neutral_face:
Even so, it doesnt really have to make sense to be cool, what’s the purpose of the snowman I bought in the Celebrations shop if it cant have fun in the snow ; _;


Weather has already been suggested before, but I do agree that it is a very good idea.

If you want to read more about what people have said about weather, check this out:

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I just think it ruin the experience, the Tower is all about good times when I think of rain or weather it makes me a little sad. So for that reason I wouldn’t enjoy it.

I bet rain could look good depending on the Condo theme, as long as the Condo owner can optionally choose it.

I remember seeing a rain effect being posted by the devs, not sure what happened to it but it might only have been for testing.

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I really really want weather. Very much. It’ll be great ambience and probably really beautiful.


Slightly off-topic but it’s interesting to see how rain is often associated with sadness when it also helps indoor relaxation and sleep, in this instance it would make the Condo feel more comfy and everything :confused:


Rain is awesome
it does not always have to be associated with sadness and depression. For me, rain is simply very chilling. I love it when thick clouds pass above the town while bringing down rain, it gives me the chills. Bonus points when this happens in the evening.


I love rain. For me, it’s relaxing and calming and beautiful and it always makes me feel better. I often like rain more than clear skies.


wasn’t weather already planned? in earlier versions of TU there were cloudy skies sometimes but these were removed later on, something about there not being rain but rainclouds so that would be weird

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i think it would be fantastic if tower took a subtle inspiration from ps home with say snow etc over the christmas period on public spaces if not seasonal events based areas zombie npc etc over haloween temporary event based games,zombie hunt (haloween)find santa claus(xmas)egg hunt (easter)turkey hunt(thanksgiving).
most of these ideas are unashamedly plagiarised from ps home but if you could add in some limited time rewards etc linked to the events or games then i feel it would add a significant incentive for users to re enter tower unite and significantly expand the community feel of tower.


They’re already planning on equipable umbrellas, right? This would be a great thing to use in conjunction. I hope it would be implemented for the condos as well.


I like that idea but, maybe they could even add seasons

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:o that seems like a good idea

Tropical places get tropical rainstorms, the most brutal of the rainstorm.

If we are gonna talk about realism can we point out we go to an island by train to a giant tower which has about like 100 rooms and when we enter each room we end up on a completely different tropical island?


[quote=“Spookz, post:19, topic:12683, full:true”]
If we are gonna talk about realism can we point out we go to an island by train to a giant tower which has about like 100 rooms and when we enter each room we end up on a completely different tropical island?
[/quote]Same, I always hated everything about this. I hope in the future, I can make a completely indoor condo and change whats on the outside surrounding it.

I’d love if instead of beachfront, you look outside the glass wall in your condo and it’s the plaza from really high up in the tower. I might actually make a thread for this.

edit: as expect, it’s been brought up several times