My wearable quick slot was removed for no reason can anyone help me ?
I pressed K to respawn
I restarted the game numeral times
I did a steam file Verification
Refreshed my inventory
And others…

And I still have my UI like this

Navigate to your Tower Unite steam folder and enter the Tower folder.

For me it’s: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower

You can also access this folder through steam by right clicking on Tower Unite in your library > properties > local files > browse local files.

Once inside the Tower folder, delete ClientPlayerData2 folder and restart the game.

Note that you may want to disable Steam Cloud sync before deleting the folder, as Steam may re-download the folder before launching the game. After you’ve launched the game, and the hotbar fixes, you can then re-enable Steam Cloud.


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