We need to talk about the Casino Experience

Hi so as a long time player of Tower Unite, I think its time we had a talk about the Casino experiance as a whole.

What this post is not: “Asking for jackpot wins 100%”
(Let me just clear that up first before any comments about this, this is not my point!)

And this will lightly touch upon the post here: Wheel of Money Rigged? but with alot more added so bear with me.

So, as someone who has played Tower Unite over a couple years, We need a serious and open discussion about the Casino experiance as a whole. I know that I am not the only one who has felt that the user experiance has gone down with this. After speaking to several friends and other users, The general consensus is that things need to change or be removed.

When I first started Tower Unite, I used to love the casino, i still love the artwork and the machine ideas and the style. But The issues now are too big to ignore any longer (and i appreciate the hard work the devs do, you guys rock btw, this isnt a hate post.) The first issue is the hard topic of the “It’s Rigged!” complaints. Time after time this is the biggest comment & Complaint that i have seen and experianced. I understand that casinos need some rigging because we cant have non stop jackpot wins otherwise they would not be fun. To see the machines like W.O.M “jerk” to skip a high value or a jackpot to go to nothing is not a fun user experiance. To know that you can invest hours and hours into the game to see "nothing, 10, 20 or 50 all the time but never a 600, 750 or a jackpot is extremely boring and not fun as a user experiance. With triple diamonds, it used to feel like we had a fairly decent chance of winning a jackpot there but recently that hope has faded. Spin to win (with this being the only thing that has the odds displayed btw,) Feels lackluster, “Spin to win” just feels like “Spin to only get 200 potatoes, Hula dolls or cacti” As a user experiance it feels like you will never win a projector or a piano or the gold bars.

This in turn makes it feel like “what is the point in playing these games” Which is noticable as the users playing the casino i have witnessed has dropped (before the arcade, which is fantastic btw! came out.)

So i am not saying we need to be able to win the jackpots 24.7 100% of time. What i am saying is that the Casino needs an overhaul to make it feel fun. Lets not forget that Tower Unite is a game first and foremost and it should be fun. People generally don’t like to go somewhere and leave feeling like they’ve wasted time and effort. If i have 2-3 hours free, and if i am a player who needs units but has done all the golf maps, zombie massacre, etc; then surely the casino should feel fun.

And again this is not just my personal feelings, this is the feelings of a lot of the TU community that i have spoken and interacted with. I fear that if the casino is not overhauled soon, then it might aswell be removed from the game as it is no longer fun.

The last thing i will say though as i dont want this to seem like i am having a moan or a shout at the devs (who work bloody hard!) is that the improvements overall to Tower Unite have been amazing. So thank you so much for the hard work you put into the game. Please take this post as a chance to hear some feedback as a general statment of feelings and not a complaint, but more a chance for open dialogue between players and the devs as i really want the fun back in the Casino again.

Thank you,


100% agree with this! The arcade is great, but other parts of the game still need some love and attention. It’d be nice to be rewarded more frequently on the machines in the casino for sure as it definitely is rigged based on the movement of the wheel.


The Casino is practically empty now… I’d like to see it populated again


Really? Most servers I’ve been on have had equal counts if not more in the casino.


I personally feel that we need a “Phase 2” for the Casino. Not immediately, of course, since there are other things on the front burner right now. After the release of Arcade, the Casino now feels a bit lacking in content by comparison. Not saying the Casino needs to be as big as the Arcade, but a few more machines/games might add just enough diversity to pay the Casino a visit from time to time. Payout tweaks seem to be a popular suggestion as well.

Some of these have been suggested before, but I believe these have the potential to bring a lot more fun to the Casino:

  • Bingo
  • Roulette (Planned)
  • Additional Poker variants (Planned)
  • Baccarat
  • Plinko (As seen on The Price is Right)
  • Craps

@anon38270777 Those ideas are brilliant! They would make the Casino experience way more fun!
I’d love to have a bingo hall where we could all pay a entry fee e.g 5000 units so the total jackpot would be the total players fee’s then split it for Lines & full house.

More machines and more diversity would make the casino as a whole so much more fun everyone.
Again the issue for me isnt the jackpots, but the lack of fun these days in this section but some payout tweaks for better balancing will help for sure

For the emptiness in the casino’s that Berserk pointed out, I totally agree here , especially the EU servers, I understand the arcade has just come out, but even pre arcade; the casino seems very empty indeed. I did hop over to a few US & even the AUS server to see if they had similar emptiness in the casinos which was about the same.

@Leviathan Please let me know which servers you tend to see a fair few people in the casino, i would love to get more feedback from as many people as possible as this post is meant for open dialogue to improve the Casino. No hate here :blush:

I think the developers do a fantastic job, but if we use this thread for Constructive criticism then we can hopefully get the Dev team to notice it & make the user experience more fun!

Anything that makes Tower Unite more fun and brings the spark back, I am down for 100%!


i have been suggesting the casino needs a major overhaul regarding games.

if you guys are looking for a suggestion of more casino games, click the links below:
here is more of those

the best roulette as above.

and to @HardyF1 @Pero_Magic , see the links above.
developers have made arcade into a thing, so i don’t think adding bunch of games into casino is a hassle on coding except the physic simulation.

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I hate to agree, but you said what prob a lot of us have been thinking. “What is the point in playing these games”. I’m put off by the lack of player base, mostly. Who wants to go in and it be dead silent and you be the only one pullin the slots? There needs to be some sort of phase 2 at some point to re-invigorate the player base back to it; and to repeat, it was dead pre-arcade release. Also, yeah at one point I believe the prize winnings were nerfed, and basically ever since the change where contributing 3 and 5 credits became the same output, i lost interest.


Personally I wanna see a new Casino interior. Maybe something fancier that fits the design of the exterior building. The current Casino is too big lengthwise in my opinion.


I think casino died when the jackpot increases for Wheel of Money became so small. It used to increase by 1/3/5 depending on what you bet. now it’s always just an increase of 1 no matter how much you put in. You used to see big numbers and have people excited to hop on and try win it. Now it’s too small to be worth the effort. Why spend 10 hours trying to win 50k units (that you probably won’t win) when you could get that in 2 hours from the metal detector beach events.

This happened shortly after the combined jackpot was introduced but I don’t think the combined jackpot is the problem. I actually think Diamonds should consider using a combined jackpot too.

I think the reason given for only increasing by 1 (instead of the 1/3/5 that you’ve put in) was that the jackpot was increasing to too high of a number. Maybe it was, but it was exciting. A fix could be to make the odds of winning get higher, the higher the jackpot is. Preventing it from reaching extreme levels.


this should’ve been made long ago, well.
casino has been less attractive than Arcade, with the fact of pluck-a-pal could get you 5k units easily per successful claw. games are not attractive either, hunting for the jackpot would take like days not guaranteed.

it is not just the jackpot increment, but what casino at the moment has, compared to what an arcade could potentially offer, left players unwilling to participate in.

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Every time I’m on they’re empty… But might just be the times I login.

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They’d prolly never something this dramatic, but I’d personally love if it were moved to a docked casino boat.

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Like Ozark?! That would be AWESOME

@HardyF1 Woah that’s my post you linked! :o
But yes I do find myself getting frustrated at how many times I get a 20 or 30 by the jackpot. Right now it’s just spam space or x on a controller while watching YouTube and hoping something happens :confused:

It’s crazy to see the jackpot get to 400,000 and think “Wow, we have clicked that lever 400,000 times and no one has gotten a jackpot”

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Casino needs more multiplayer games. After the WoM nerf, payout increase across all activities, shared jackpot (further decreasing the value of WoM jackpot), and Arcade, the Casino just is not fun place nor way for anyone to grind anymore.

Multiplayer Poker is incredibly fun and I’d like to see more of it. Blackjack, Roulette, and the other Poker games. The place has tons of potential and it’s being wasted by singleplayer mind-numbing slot machines.


I recently introduced a friend to Tower, and they tend to spend a lot of time in the Casino. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but there is so little to do there that I almost feel bad.
Reading everything here, I can’t help but agree that the casino is in desperate need of some rejuvenation, especially with the Arcade just across the fountain, and not even in a complete state at that, with a second phase on the way.
Bingo sounds like it would be fun, and my friend actually mentioned the possibility of bingo being added as well. Imagine a bingo night populated by anime protagonists, Animal Crossing villagers, and skeletons.
I have to agree with the fact that there is a dramatic lack of multiplayer games, and while I don’t personally play much else other than Texas Hold’em, I know that tons of people would be ECSTATIC to have a proper blackjack table, among other things.
As for the WoM jackpot, I feel like a 1/1/2 or 1/2/2 pot increase per lever pull would remedy it a little while still preventing the jackpot from skyrocketing too high.
Of course, it’s all in the hands of the Pixeltail team, and I have faith that they will do whatever they need to do to make sure the game is phenomenal across the board. Love ya guys! :green_heart:


A big reason the devs aren’t working on the casino is to introduce or work on new features in the game to drive sales (correct me if I’m wrong) - but one of the huge reasons people love this game is the casino. The amount of attention the arcade revamp got was insane, and I think the casino would get just as much hype. I really think that the it should be worked on before any other huge features, especially if the goal is to drive sales/give the players a good and new experience.


gotta finish the foundation for the house before we start adding furniture