Jackpot improvements

It seems like nobody goes to the Casino any more (see this) and I think this could help

  • Wheel of Money: Increase the jackpot by 1/3/5 depending on how much the player puts in. Currently it’s increased by 1 regardless of how much the player puts in, which means the jackpot is going up 5x slower than it should be. (It used to do this but was removed because the jackpot was going too high, see next point)
  • Wheel of Money: When the jackpot gets too high, increase the odds of someone winning. This would prevent the payout from being too high.
  • Diamonds: Add a shared jackpot pool for the Diamonds machines similar to Wheel of Money
  • Plaza: Show the highest current jackpot on a big sign outside the Casino

Another idea could be to have the jackpot pools shared across all servers so it’s like everyone is playing together. This would let people see it get won more often and might encourage them to go try their own luck. It would also let less popular servers participate in a decent jackpot.

I agree with everything except a jackpot across all servers. I think that would fill up wayy too fast with it going up 5x every single time someone spins anywhere.


I don’t think it’d get too high because it’d be getting won more often too, but I do agree that there might be an issue, in that having the jackpot be won too often (even if balanced) might make it seem less special. It’d need some balancing to get it right so probably not a good idea to rush into it.

The other suggestions I still think are very viable.