Way to make game load faster/Run Smoother?

So, I bought this game for one of my friends today, and the game is working at some parts, she said she really enjoyed so far, she played golf with me for a little bit and the game runned smooth with some command lines in the launch options, but while the games and the condos work so far, the plaza and some features don’t load or make the game crash.

In the case of the plaza, it loads for about 20 minutes and it crashes right afterwards, and without the plaza, she won’t be able to fully enjoy the game since some stuff can only be bought at the plaza, and decorating and getting new condos is pretty much one of the best things to do in this game afterall.

Here’s the startup code she used: USEALLAVAILABLECORES -nomansky -d3d9 -soft -dxlevel 80 -high -heapsize 2097152 -refresh 144 -noipx -NOTEXTURESTREAMING

She’s also using the lowest settings in the game right now, everything on low, and it still keeps crashing.

If someone could help, or perhaps send a better startup code, or even better solutions, it would be really appreciated.

I really want to get her into playing this amazing game, and I hope others get the same chance.

What are your friend’s PC specifications?

If they’re far below the game’s requirements, it’s unlikely there’s much that can be done to improve performance.


The “-notexturestreaming” argument might be causing some loading issues. I’m no expert on what it does or how it works, but it might be worth removing it and seeing if that helps.



These are.

The CPU and RAM are barely acceptable to play the game but it seems your friend lacks a dedicated video card. Without even a basic one, I’m afraid playing in the plaza will be near impossible.


That’s a shame, but I guess I can’t do much

Anyways, thanks for the help and taking your time to answer the thread.

Unreal Engine 4/Ue4 (the engine Tower runs on) is very demanding sadly
As stated above, a integrated graphics card is not friendly to UE4 either (Stated on the store page)


You should remove the command lines anyway, I don’t understand why that guide is spreading misinformation but most of those options are for Source and do nothing for Unreal Engine 4.
-NOTEXTURESTREAMING will cause more problems by consuming more VRAM since it stops UE4 from lowering the texture qualities when you’re running low on memory.

Workshop also consumes a lot of memory, try disabling workshop playermodels in the content settings before loading into the plaza. It’s a last-ditch effort so if that doesn’t work then as said above the PC specs are likely not quite good enough for plaza.


Welcome to IT, a user hears a solution (be it true or false) to one specific problem and it must obviously work for all other situations, even if said situations are almost nothing alike.

Anyway here are some actual things you can do to improve performance in TU, but given how powerful your hardware is @VictorStHang i kinda doubt that it will help much.

Program priority
Enter the task manager while tower unite is running and find said program on the list, then right click on it and click on “go to details”.
Then the task manager will automatically find the two program process for you, one is called “Tower.exe” and the other one is “Tower-Win64-Shipping.exe”.
Then right click on either one of them and move your mouse to the “Set Priority” section of the popup.
Select either “Above Normal” or “High” as the proccess priority.
(Don’t set it to Realtime or it might freeze your pc if the program starts requiring too much processing power)

This will make Windows allocate more processing resources to the program that you are trying to run, just remember that you will need to do this everytime you have started TU because windows doesn’t seem to save these settings and there doesn’t seem to be a way to make it automatically configure this given the way that steam launches the game.

Altering graphical settings

Head into the settings tab in the main menu and set EVERYTHING in “Performance” “enviorment” and “media” to either low or off.
While you’re in the settings you can also reduce the screen resolution, enable an fps cap and enable VSync to reduce the amount of work required by your graphics card.

Upgrading your hardware
Considering you got a dual core CPU from 2012, 4 gb of RAM and properly a graphics card from around the same age as the CPU.
I think it is around the time where you gotta consider upgrading or building a new computer with more powerful components.

This site can help you keep an eye on what parts you have selected for your pc and if they are compatible with the other ones:
I’d also recommend getting someone that is well experienced with building computers to help you find the right parts for a proper price so that it doesn’t cost you a fortune, and maybe get them to help you with the assembly itself.

And remember you don’t need some cutting edge hardware that cost 5 grand just to be able to play TU,