VR "Tower- Win 64- Shipping"

I just loaded up the Tower Unite VR Alpha, trying to get it to run on my Oculus Rift S, but whether or not I boot it up with or without Steam VR, I get stuck on loading. I can hear the main menu music, and even see that Steam thinks I’m in Tower’s main menu, but I don’t load in at all. Not sure if it’s because this VR stuff is 100% new and not implemented yet, or it’s because my VR setup isn’t supported? Would love to play this game in VR though, I’ve absolutely wanted to play in VR from the day I got the game. Any help is appreciated.

The VR mode doesn’t have a main menu yet (which is why the launch option says ‘no menu’). You can use steam’s built in server browser to join a plaza server but you’ll probably need to join a friend’s game to enter condos


Ahh, that would explain it. How do I get to the server browser?

At the top left in steam there should be a small ‘view’ button, click that and then servers

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Got it! Thanks so much!

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You can also fumble around blindly until you click your condo of choice (make sure to remember the order of the buttons).
I managed to get into a few of my condos this way, but House caused some issues and didn’t load for me.

I couldn’t get any menus/interactions working at all in VR, with my VR controllers or with a regular controller. I’m not too concerned though- it was awesome to just chill in the Plaza for a little while!

I used my mouse, the VR Mouse in Virtual Desktop don’t register.