VR Thread

Ok, so-

Yeah, that’s what your thinking.
The DK2 works with the Alpha demo out of the box.

I just thought to myself “Huh, that guy on facepunch got good results by just leaving it in direct mode. Wonder about…”

Wasn’t expecting it to have head tracking or rotational movement, but it did. My xbox controller even started working to some extent. Everything works perfectly.

Except the judder, but I’m sure after some optimization that will go away.

So, I’m gonna make a video sometime tomorrow sometime later today actually sometime that isn’t 2am for me, maybe if I can find a webcam I’ll get something up within 24 hours.

In the meantime, just ponder the thought that the devs didn’t do anything VR related yet and most of the work is done already.

Will update when I find out more cool stuff.


Nice! I’m waiting for the Vive to be released before I get anything VR related.

Yeah it really is not worth it at this point. I had the Oculus dev kit for a while and sold it. It was fun but there really is not enough content yet.

Alright, so riding off my first post are a couple of things that are very easy which help rift compatibility a whole lot.

  • Menus. The menu currently is very hard to view with the rift on your face, as it kinda takes up most of your vision and enters your peripheral. For example, I cannot see the cogwheel to change settings at all.
  • Judder. Judder is super extremely sickening, unless you have an iron stomach and a fantastic constitution. I don’t get very sick with judder but I know that most people will instantly vomit if the image is super jumpy like that.
  • Full controller support. Unreal did this odd thing where it implemented basic support into the game. I can use the thumbsticks to move and look around like normal and it feels very natural, but that’s really about it. I can jump using the A button, but jet-packs don’t work and I can’t access the inventory. For sprinting I have to hold shift on my keyboard.

Aside from these things, playing with the rift is incredibly fun. I love it to death and seeing the plaza with a fresh pair of eyes is so fun. I noticed things that I never knew was there before (Trash cans next to the benches? Escalators in the train station? Flagpoles with no flags?) and the Ferris Wheel is also incredibly fun.

And fast. The Ferris Wheel scares me sometimes with how fast it is.

On another note, would anyone be interested in a stream of me playing with the rift on?

Complete with my commentary (worth absolutely nothing) and insight

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I’m willing to see it happen.

I finally got my Oculus Rift DK2. I’ll be playing around with the UI and menus to ensure they are VR ready.

I’m also looking into the judder.

We will have full controller support, so that will be handled already.