VR in Tower Unite

Hi ive been wondering if you could add vr into tower unite, i know how difficult it can be but i want it to be fully confirmed its coming to tower unite bc i think it would be a great idea to socialize with friends and hang out to freely move with vr, which i think would make the game grow even bigger.

It’s something that was originally planned (but this was before the late 2016 SteamVR push by Valve so tech wasn’t really widely available) but had to be dropped for technical reasons.

VR is currently a “wishlist” sorta item that the Devs show interest in, but would have a lot of obstacles (converting FPS UE4 characters to be VR compatible is a nightmare in itself, and then they’d have to make the rest of the game compatible…). Mac recently got a headset and was dabbling in VR programming, so there’s still a very slim chance.

I do really want VR as well, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it for a long while. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a VR mode for Plaza and Condos before the rest of the game being VR compatible, but that’s a big “if”.

As Nuclear said, there’s a slim chance now that one of the devs has a VR headset but I wouldn’t hold your breath. People (including me) have been suggesting it for years but they’ve always shot it down in the past. Recently, they are slightly more receptive but I’m still not hopeful.

VR support gets brought up every now and again, and this answer from a past developer still holds true today, and if I were to guess is still their official stance on Virtual Reality in Tower Unite.

Actually, things have changed since then.

I don’t want to make any promises concerning VR support at this time.

I have purchased an Index for the sole purpose of looking into VR support for Tower, or future game projects.

So far, I’ve experienced several VR games that friends have recommended me to try. I really enjoy VR.

However, we have to tackle what we have on our plate first. I have tried VR in Tower. Seeing the Plaza in VR is really cool. I hope one day we can bring VR support out. It is quite a big undertaking and I can only see it happening in phases, if it happens.


Even if it was just VR support one day for walking around viewing the plaza, condos and watching videos with friends that would be so insanely cool. I want to see everyone’s condos in VR.


I’d be ok with this. Monomi Park took a similar approach with Slime Rancher. They made a VR DLC which just contained one small part of the map and essentially no gameplay. It was just a nice, quick way to see the world of the game in VR.

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