VR support

Hi Guys,

I came across the indiegogo due to the promise of VR support,
I noticed it was promised due to its built in functionality within unreal.
So does/will Tower support HTC VIVE? (pre ordered one today and own a oculus dk2)

Additionally will it support the motion controllers (touch / vive controllers)

I think walking around condos in room scale has tons of potential and there’s already similar experiences out there (altspace vr).

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Yes, I would expect it too, especially as VR support is included as standard in unreal, but I imagine it would be included after early access has launched and the game is also on Mac and Linux, so I would not expect to see VR for quite a while. :slight_smile:

To my knowledge, there is already some pretty basic VR support in Tower Unite. It’s not nearly done yet, but you can use a Rift / Vive (I think) with it already. None of the menus are designed for it yet, but keep that in mind. It’s very basic functionality.

This is something that they team has stated they want to do at some point, so it’ll happen eventually.

I’m not sure about the motion controller thing though.

Although we’ve talked about VR support in the past, it’s something that’s going to need to be re-discussed going into the future.

At the core, yes, it’s completely possible for us to integrate HMD support. It’s already integrated at a basic level. It sounds awesome, why wouldn’t you want to be put into a world like this?

But here’s the thing—when we talked about integrating VR into Tower, “room scale” wasn’t even common terminology, it was back in the day when people thought you could just tack on the support, and your game would be a sitting experience; much like how Valve integrated Oculus support for TF2. However, as you may have tried yourself, a fast-paced FPS in a sitting experience is NOT a great combo for VR. Hence why last time I checked, VR in TF2 is broken and somewhat abandoned. The experience just isn’t enjoyable. As we’ve learned, VR is something you need to design the core of your game around, not something you can tack on at the end.

In practicality, as much as we’d want it to be, Tower Unite isn’t 100% designed for VR. You can’t walk around the plaza at room scale, nor your condo. It’s just inherently incompatible, it’s too big. To an extent, some of the features of Tower are VR friendly, like the theater, some of the game worlds, and a couple others, but there isn’t a practical way to integrate VR and Non-VR. This presents a conundrum where we’d have like Semi-VR support where you’d have to take your HMD on and off during a complete sitting experience. I recall watching someone play GMT virus with an Oculus, and they fell out of the chair when the virus got close because it was so terrifying (in a bad way, it was like a cheap jump scare)

I guess it depends what you’re looking for in a VR game. If you want to be totally 100% immersed, that’s probably not possible with Tower. We do think that the concept of a social VR game is intriguing, but at the same time, we want to focus on games more than the social part.

You COULD straight up just have HMD support, but I don’t consider that as true VR. I want to be immersed.

(These are just my thoughts, this is something we haven’t discussed internally for quite a while now. I can say though that it probably won’t be a feature available at Early Access Launch.)


Hey matt thanks for the well written reply, I agree with all of your points.
I do see a possible future where you enable perhaps vr zones, or even just the ability to view your avatar in third person.

You are 100% correct about immersion, maybe my avatar suddenly needs a wheelchair or mobility scooter when I enter vr and I just roll around with a hmd enjoying the scenery. Theres lots of potential for tacked on vr to work so long as you don’t tack it on and provide the expectation of full immersion.

Again thanks for the great reply, I look forward to Tower Unites future.




I was tired when i wrote that, i meant theres a right way to do it so long as it doesnt feel tacked on. That being said a tacked on mode can still easily work.

you tack it on to tack it off. Makes total sense (╯°͜ʖ°)╯︵ ┻━┻