Vote kick abuse? kicked unprovoked twice now

Wtf… Joined a game in progress… said nothing, got a hole in 1 and was basically almost instant kicked I had no idea what happened

So I don’t get accused of not telling the whole story I’ve uploaded the shadow play footage

only 3 of the 5 of the people playing showed up under the recent games steam overlay tab and 2 of them were friends with each other me thinking they were all friends but yet then they should have made a non public game.

Posting for awareness more than anything to show this system is being abused…


Votekick gets abused a lot. I’ve noticed that mostly people with anime and furry avatars get vote kicked by people which is why I only join games where the host doesn’t have a meme avatar (This is generalizing which isn’t any better than what they do). Speaking of avatars, uhh you might want to change yours on the forums


Hosted my own game… basically everyone had 130+ ping

Joined someone elses game and was vote kicked again after finishing a hole ( not at all a hole in one ) while waiting for the others to finish.

For all I know I’m suddenly a target for bad ping or discrimination

I’m gonna be looking at the vote kick, such as requiring more players needed to vote kick and increase delay. Also have warnings stating that vote kick is serious and should only be used in very specific scenarios.


if it detects that you have kicked multiple people within a minute of them joining the server then it should set a vote kick cool down for everyone or something

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Could we consider banning someone from using votekick for abusing it?


I know they’ve said they dont want to moderate user-hosted servers but this might actually be necessary. Like, adding on to what Mac said above, maybe there could be a warning stated that you’ll be banned if you abuse the votekick system. I’m unsure if they’re even able to monitor the votekick system, but if they are, this really does feel necessary.


You’re not alone.

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I’ve been votekicked before for not clicking “ready” the first moment I joined in.

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May have been a friends only lobby? As I think it announces if someone makes a friends only lobby in chat I recall reading this somewhere plus I’ve seen this but not seen the game under the games list so I assume I’m correct. so I typically check the list of games and not join that way.

Yes I made a steam discussion post and figured id make an account here to discuss it too. I blindly made it without looking at other posts and by the time I noticed that discussion it was a bit late, not typical of me.

Making a friends room does not announce it to chat. If people saw the join message, it was a public room.

vote kick abuse seems to be related to achievement farming, especially in pvp gamemodes; tried to join a little crusaders game got immediately kicked when the game started

i know it’s achievement farming because of their server name.

i know why votekick was added, to get rid of afk players who hold up the game or the extremely rare cheater, but it’s only being abused. getting rid of it and relying on player reports for abusive (cheating) users and automatically kicking afk players would be much better.

simply adding a “votekick can only be used for serious issues” message will not help as most people will just ignore that.