Excessive votekicking

This is a rant post. I am angry.

I immediately get votekicked out of nearly half of all minigolf games I join.

Minigolf is that kinda game world I play at least once every day. I am not good at it by any means, I just play it because it is fun, despite how flaky the physics can be. To really have fun with it, though, I need to play with other people. I don’t even need to know any of them, just having other people in the match means a lot to me. So I join random games.

I am not hosting the game myself because

  • it takes ages for people to join
  • if people join, it is usually just 1 or 2 people
  • people told me I am just a terrible host, bad connection etc.

Which shouldn’t be a problem, right? Tower Unite is a social game, so I’ll just join a random minigolf game and… nope, got votekicked within less than a minute. Didn’t even send a chat message, nothing, just tried to play the game.

And it is not exaggeration when I say that I get kicked out of nearly half of all minigolf games I join. It doesn’t even happen with the other game worlds, it’s literally just minigolf.
I don’t know if this is because it’s a group of friends and they forgot to put the game to “Friends Only” or because they have a grudge against backers. Or they hate the country I come from. Who the hell knows. But something needs to be done about this. I can’t be the only one experiencing this. It honestly ruins the game for me. What is the point of a social game if you can just kick everyone out?

If you have experienced something similar or have suggestions what could be done about this, please post. I am honestly curious if I am alone in this.


I used to experience the same thing in Ball Race when votekicking was first added, but I haven’t had it happen since. Is it the same people who are doing it every time?

Pretty sure they’re all different people. Whenever I get votekicked twice in a row I just close the game for the day.

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Is there any benefit to having it open to the public as opposed to friends only? Generally it’s a group of friends that want to play alone, but don’t know how to create a friend’s only game, I guess?

Vote kicking has it’s benefits, but it’s also easily abused.
I only started playing tower again recently after taking a large break, and the first thing I did was play a ball race game.
It was just me and the host initially, but then a newer player joined who was taking quite a while to complete some of the levels. The host tried to vote kick him, but I voted no so the hosts just called him a faggot until he left.
I’d imagine that wouldn’t leave a good impression on other new players like himself.


Yeah this sort of stuff can ruin your whole play session. An idea I had was that unnecessary kicks could be reported and if it’s found that they had kicked without good reason, their ability to kick could be frozen for a certain amount of time. This is just me spitballing though.


Had this happen in ballrace a lot as well. Was trying to get trophies, and had a bug where I couldn’t host so I’d join publics. It was flat out enraging to see people without a word kick you that fast, I agree it’s ‘why did you make it public’ question I wish I could ask them.
One minigolf game I joined midway to work on a HIO. I had the diamond hat on, and someone said “can’t see the hole cuz of that hat” so I changed it immediately (even tho that was dramatic, you could clearly see the hole). Over a minute later a vote kick came in for me and everyone slammed that yes while I was saying “Whoa wtf I already changed it” - they still kept voting yes. I was one vote away from being kicked before they finally realized it. People need to chill and get off the power trip.


this wouldn’t work because gameworlds are player hosted, anything player hosted is not moderated


spose that makes sense. damn.

I’d say, let hosts be the one that decides who can get kicked out, but then you’ll end up in Payday 2’s situation where every hosts kicks you.

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I’ve been kicked from a lot of games. If I get the chance to ask why, they tell me that “they made it friends only but it didn’t work”

My only guess is that it’s related to this, which isn’t really a bug but is often overlooked. (clicking the checkbox makes it friends only, clicking the text does not)


I’m reworking the host UI (hopefully by Woodlands) so a pop up, after you selected a map, comes up and asks which server mode you want (public or friends only). Another change I want to make is to have friends only servers show up in the browser to make friends only servers more useful and easier to see.

The major issue here isn’t the vote kick feature. If the majority of players in the server don’t want you in it, then the system is working as it should. The issue is why they are vote kicking and it seems to be from the friends only hosting issue.

I should also mention that we are aware there are people abusing vote kick. It’s something that might be unavoidable with the current vote kick system. The vote kick system is designed to kick players who are ruining the game, so it has a lot of power. Maybe another route could be that there’s vote muting that’s preferable than just forcing them out of the game.


The answer I believe would be adding Password locked servers. It would allow non friends to join


I like this password idea. I don’t really add people on Steam so having a server like this would be great


or how about just an invite-only server option, so people don’t have to be on your friends list to join and only people you want to join can.


that’s what groups will be used for

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This would be a pretty good solution, as long as it’s made clear to new players that this is an option.