[Virus] Scaled Rage

This is just a small suggestion for Virus’ gameplay. As most of you know, Virus has a system where, if the first infected is killed twice without infecting another, that infected gets “enraged,” making him much harder to kill. Once the infected infects someone else, they lose their “enraged” state and return to their normal stats. This is a very good system, but I feel like it doesn’t work as well on more populated games since it can be very easy to kill two normal infected.

So here’s the idea: an infected’s rage scales depending on three factors: number of survivors, number of infected, and number of times killed (either cumulative or deaths since last infection). This way it won’t be quite as easy for a large group of survivors to fend off a couple of infected.

What are your thoughts?

  • It must be added!
  • It seems like a good idea.
  • I don’t think it’s better or worse than the current system.
  • This would be better if left out.
  • Virus would be ruined with it!

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P.S. Ideally there would be some visual cue to the infected’s level of rage, such as skin colour or something, but this isn’t really part of my suggestion. I guess it’s like some sort of sub-suggestion…

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yeah it gets really annoying when you spend half the round trying to infect 1 player

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Some of the maps have terribly OP spots when there’s 2-3 humans sticking together in it.
A scaling rage would be fun in chasing them out of said spots.

This is a really great idea, i mean the amount of times people just huddle together in a corner that can be accessed from one way and camp is unreal, seriously. I’ve seen 6 people stay together in corners and just become a killing machine, unless you have like 4 people running in at once and they don’t have TNT, i’d say good luck trying to even get halfway to those people.

However, i do think this can be a problem with situations like the last survivor, i mean it’s a big adrenaline rush alone to be last survivor, but this scaling rage can kill the fun really, i mean imagine you kill like the same guy 5 times as last survivor, and he’s got like 6 people chasing you, you’ve basically got not only an army, but also a super virus that’s going to hunt you down with increased defence and speed. and this is implying that this ‘scaling rage’ DOES increase speed after each death. No one wants to be in that situation.

I’m not saying it’s bad or good, but we need to think about how it should be in situations like the one above, i mean sure, you don’t wanna be the only virus that can’t get anyone because everyone decided to group up and gang on you, but for lords sake no one wants to be the last survivor and have to either get lucky or die because of some system that makes the virus a bit op after a couple of deaths.

Now that i think about it, if the system worked like implied above, then this system would encourage more RUNNING from the virus than actually killing them (but, it really depends on how many people are infected and is it still active after a certain number (like 50?%?)), which really doesn’t solve any problems, it just more or less brings stress to the survivors when their only tactic is to run and pray that the virus isn’t gonna turn around every corner to hunt you down just because you’d rather not make them super viruses and use your ammo on them.

Phew…thats my rant of the day…

Yes, but

I imagine rage would either scale abhorrently slowly, or not at all as the last survivor.
That said, referring to what you mentioned before about encouraging running, I’d personally love to see a little encouragement in that direction. Too many times I’ve camped underneath the sewers in Aztec and wiped out everyone with the double barrel.

Wait so you’re telling me i’m the minority that runs for my life and stays away from everyone?!

I can’t account for others, but I’m definitely affirming that surviving as the LS is pretty easy if you get the Flak/DB setup and a tight spot.

The easiest way to survive as the last survivor is to keep moving and always be aware of your surrounding’s, what I mean by this is have map awareness of where they could come from and where you are likely to get “cut off” and always be on guard, when you absolute must then you use the emergency adrenaline providing you still have it.

I’ve got plenty awareness of the two entrances to that long corridor underground on Aztec. :smile_cat: