View Bobbing

I feel this would be something easy to implement. Many games have this, if you were to add this I would also suggest a feature to turn it on/off.

Example: Slow view bobbing while walking, faster view bobbing when running.

It would be very great to see this implemented into the game.


Sounds like a feature that some would like. Others like myself would probably hate it.

If implemented, strongly needs a on/off toggle.


I’m definitely in favor of this. I always enable it in games with the option to. It’s very immersive.

Yeah. I can see why some people like this feature, however, if it is implemented it would an easy accessible on/off toggle. I personally couldn’t stand the current Tower’s head bobbing and ended up disabling it about five minutes in. :worried:

I’m all for this, along with an on/off switch.

Like everybody else, it would be a nice idea for those who would want it but it really needs an on/off toggle as for me I don’t really like headbobbing, so would see no use out of it.

Probably the easiest thing to add.


@macdguy Could the feature be implemented? If so, will there option(s) for it? Like an On/off button in the settings?

Please a toggle for this option. The bobbing gives me a headache.

It will be default off, if added, and there will be a toggle to turn it on.


Would love to see this come to the game as well. Would really add some immersion to Virus.

It’s very uncomfortable playing the game in first person without this. I’d love to see it implemented soon.

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True, I guess the game as a whole could use it. Everything feels so on-rails w/o it.