A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite

Yay! Unlimited Jetpacks for everyone! :smile:

Awesome list man, thanks for taking the time to make this.

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No problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Just thought I would make another contribution to the community

Updated 8/12/15


I do like the fact that you’re always maintaining this list. Good job!


Bobbing confirmed. Toggle included


EDIT: Since this is technically a bump, I just want to say…

Updated 8/14/15

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I added a thing… so I guess… Updated 8/15/15.

Updated 8/22/15

Changed all links from screenshots to link to the actual posts.
Also, I changed all links to hyperlinks.

If an admin is reading this (Such as @macdguy) , I would like to suggest that this post should be stickied for a couple reasons:

  1. A lot of people keep asking questions in he questions category that have already been answered in this post!

  2. Same go for suggestions in the suggestion category

  3. For people who are lazy and want to see what they should be getting excited for in TU!

At the end of the day it’s 100% up to you to sticky this post and it doesn’t matter to me if you do or don’t. I’m just making a simple suggeston that I thought could benefit the community :stuck_out_tongue:


##The developers have the final say as to what is and what is not “Confirmed”

I would sticky this topic with the proviso that you make everyone aware of that fact.

We thank you for making this list.
It’s a great way to keep the community informed about what’s going to be in the game.

However, your list currently suffers from a bit of confirmation bias. Some of the cited posts in this list are either speculative in nature or were made in jest.

It is important that the integrity of a list like this is maintained. After all this is a list of confirmed features, not a wishlist.

As developers, the last thing we need is someone making a bunch of promises to the community on our behalf in an unregulated fashion.

If you would like, I can work with you to break this list down into a set of “Confirmed”, “Likely”, “Not Likely” lists. So that people don’t get super hyped up for features we weren’t even planning on implementing.

-Zak :smiley:


That sounds like a great idea Zak!

If you could help me break it into three categories, that would be amazing :smiley:

It would be lovely for you guys to help with that. I have seen a lot of games where developer just throw features in the dark and then never really explain if they can be implemented or not. Despite this being a speculation/gather list, it would be lovely to have that back-help/confirmation from the developers. :smile:

Hey, so I added a new thing to it… So um if you’d change the title, and I guess this is a bump… sooo…

Updated 8/25/15

Hey, I’m just going to leave a quick comment on this post and say that I probably won’t be updating this post anymore. BUT, this is a “wiki” post meaning anyone else can edit/update it, and I can just change the title whenever someone edits it. Just leave a comment saying you edited it and I’ll change the title to suit the most recent update! Thank you!

Or why not just completely remove the last updated mark? I mean, we can easily check when it was last updated by looking at the last edit. Will prevent hassle with the thread title.

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alright, will do

What kind of specs am I gonna need to run Tower Unite efficiently?

There’s also a performance tester here: Not sure if you’ll be able to run Tower Unite? Try this UE4 performance tester

It’s still in an early alpha, so there’s not a whole lot of optimization, I’d check out this to get a better idea: Not sure if you’ll be able to run Tower Unite? Try this UE4 performance tester