Useless superpowers

Pretty simple. Name a superpower. Then make it useless. For example:
I have the power to see through stuff! But currently I’ve only learned how to see through milk.

Flying, but it only works when you’re inside an airplane.

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super speed that makes you tired instantaneously


(You sure we won’t run out of superpowers really quick? I can’t think of many, especially ones that can be made useless.)
But anyways:

Being able to stick on walls, but for that you’d have to put oil on the surface you wanna stick to first.

The ability to turn invisible, but only when no one is within a certain radius.

Having x-ray vision that only lets you see through air.


that’s… uhm not how this game works…

Invincibility bu- nvm…
(just in case you didn’t get my horrible joke , it’s that invicibility might seem nice at first but, you see everything die you become weaker and weaker and start to forget alot of things easily but, you can’t do anything about that because you can’t die…)

I have the ability to posses other people at will, but only for about 7-8 seconds at a time and I go totally limp when I do so.

Also, was the thread inspired by Charlotte?

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It reminded me of Charlotte,

The ability to absorb water, but you can only do it when you anywhere but near water.

The ability to emit light in brightly lit areas.


The ability to create anti-matter. But because of the fact that anti-matter itself is matter, it would destroy itself before anything else.

Do negative integers become positive because the absence of a value makes them destroy themselves?
I think of anit-matter as a hole, where there’s not nothing (0) and there’s not matter (any int > 0), but that there is supposed to be something there (int < 0)

I have the ability to quote Oprah Winfrey, but only while Pixeltail streams.

The ability to heal wounds, but the only people it works on is terrible people

Have the ability to summon fire from the ground while at church

Why would that be useless :smiling_imp:

Having super strength. But having to be a baby handler 24/7

Being a great speller.
buut i kant du it gud winever i du ah tist

Being able to create water while underwater.

Summon electricity while swimming at a lake.

The ability to wear a hat only while in bed.

Be the most attractive person in the world. But you’re asexual and hate people