Urgent help required ı can not understand and open for any help


ı am waiting for your help. ı just love to play the game but ı can not right now


What is your graphics card? Do you have the latest drivers for it?


I have Nvidia Geforce 840M and Intel® HD Graphics 4600


I assume that means you’re running on a laptop then? Make sure the Geforce 840M is enabled, and try starting it in DX10 mode.

The error that’s happening is your graphics card just hanging up, meaning it can’t render anything for more than 15 frames.


I had this issue on my old laptop, I verified game cache and it fixed it.

PS You may need to verify it two or three times for it to work.


That doesn’t sound right. Hashes don’t change after the first check. And if they change that might be because of DRM and shouldn’t impact data irrelevant to DRM.


First try failed to validate some files that’s why I said a couple times. But it still fixed it for me.


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