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  • Pluck-a-pal: New award sounds and effects
  • Improved LED tie
  • Improved Jet Engine jetpack
  • You can now color the tricycle (and jump!)
  • Arcade: Meteoroid Mania now has 3 meteoroids
  • Plaza: Implemented loading/unloading system for east and west plaza stores (Songbirds, Toy Stop, Central Circuit, Rob's Imports, and Sweet Suite). Improves frame rates when in main plaza
  • Plaza: Created more LODs for plaza to improve frame rate
  • Plaza: Improved planters behind tower to fix empty spots
  • Plaza: Some minor plaza additions (new potted plants and benches)
  • First chunk of updated "standardized" condo furniture
  • Audio volume changes for Arcade. If you are a spectator, or playing the game, or hovered over it, it'll play sounds at full volume - otherwise it'll play at less volume to avoid overlapping audio experiences
  • Planetary Piano audio now only plays if you are looking at the cabinet you are spectating or if you are playing it so that you can hear each player individually
  • Improved look of the sky in Plaza
  • Improved first person view in vehicles
  • Work in progress Arcade milestones set up (items don't have icons just yet and some items do not work, releasing these in full in the next hotfix)
  • First wave of improvements to condo furniture items. (improved textures and quality)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with seats and arcade games
  • Improved Whirl-a-Fish, Meteoroid Mania netlag
  • Optimized networking of Plaza games
  • Meteoroid Mania: Fixed bug where the ball would not drop if the droppers were opened after the ball is rotating around
  • Fixed underwater condo being filled with water
  • Lonely Gun exploit fix
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed an issue where sometimes a plushy farther away from the center of the crane would be grabbed, swapping with a plushy that is right at the center of the crane
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed an exploit
  • Pluck-a-pal: Crane grabbing is more reliable
  • Pluck-a-pal: Made it a little more difficult to grab plushies, you need to be lined up a lot more now
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed VIP achievement
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed Friendship achievement
  • Pluck-a-pal: Stabilized physics of pals just a bit
  • Fixed Total Efficiency acheivement
  • Fixed Island achievements
  • Fixed ram plush issues
  • Fixed various hat offsets
  • Fixed Pluck-a-pal leaderboard
  • Fixed Dizzy leaderboard
  • Fixed Wearable Units Sign not appearing
  • Fixed throwable fuzzy die texture being corrupted
  • Fixed LC dragon plushy colorable materials not working properly
  • Fixed propeller hat icons being switched
  • Reduced instances of grass clipping into the lazy river in Plaza
  • Fixed ragdoll being invisible if you die while in first person
  • Fixed jellybean cat plushy colorable being broken
  • Fixed easter egg event eggs not spawning if you are in the arcade when the event begins
  • Fixed Lonely Gun "nice shot" sound not adhering to SFX volume settings
  • Optimized Planetary Piano networking, which should help with players disconnecting due to packet overflows
  • Fixed dizzy not landing on the same spot for spectators as the player who is playing
  • Fixed an issue with achievements and unit payouts

Before Ship

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  • Test
  • Write changelog
  • Deploy
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