Update New Items!


##New Items
15 new items have been added! These items are: Soda Machine, Vending Machine, Canvas Sign, Street Light, Cash Register, Popcorn Bucket, Small Walnut Table, Massive Office Table, Buffet Table, Serving Table, Fancy Chair, Fancy Sofa, Classic Wood Glass Table, Small Coffee Table, and the Plastic Bubble Chair.

Most of these new items are colorable or have canvas support.

##Updated Scaler Tool (and others)
The recently released scale tool was updated and now has the ability to manually set the scale of items. Now, if you want to set the scale of items to 4, or .15 because you like those numbers, you totally can! This addition also lets you avoid having to click several times to make objects really large.

Scaling items now scale their sound effects! This of course works with instruments, so you can make tiny toy piano music or really bassy drums. With instruments, we’ve added a toggle to this feature.

Copycat tool now works with condo surfaces! This was a heavily requested feature. With this tool improvement, you can repaint your condo walls with a lot more ease.

And lastly, picking up physics items will no longer resize them. So you can resize basketballs and throw them around with the scale you’ve applied!

##Media Player Thumbnails
We’ve added thumbnails to media players when the media player is turned off. This small addition will let players know there is something being played on the media player before they turn it on.

##Pause Menu Shortcuts
In this update we’ve added useful shortcuts to return to your Condo and Tower Express to the pause menu.


  • Added new items: Soda Machine (with canvas), Vending Machine, Canvas Sign, Street Light, Cash Register, Popcorn Bucket, Small Walnut Table, Massive Office Table, Buffet Table, Serving Table, Small Coffee Table, Classic Wood Glass Table, Fancy Chair, Fancy Sofa, and Plastic Bubble Chair
  • Added “Tower Express” and “Open Your Condo” buttons to the pause menu
  • Added video thumbnail support to media players when the media player is turned off. This will let players get an idea of what is on the media player before turning it on
  • Added the ability to directly set the scale you want to resize items to with the quick scaler settings
  • Copycat tool now works with Condo wall surfaces
  • Added a refresh button on the Inventory tab in preparation for Tower Express
  • Certain items now scale their sound pitch based on their world scale. Items such as: Catsacks, doors, fireworks, instruments, lamps, physics items (basketball, etc.), plushies, basketball hoop/football net, and trampoline
  • You can now recolor the Gem item
  • Picking up physics objects no longer resets their scale. You can now make tiny basketballs and throw them around!
  • Added a status light to media players that turns on while there is an active video going. This will let players know there is media being played before turning it on
  • Reworked the UI for the Condo hosting a bit

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed upgraded Bowling balls breaking Bowling
  • Ball Race: Fixed player completed notifications not clearing properly
  • Fixed not being able to select text or use CTRL+A in the chat box sometimes (like when you repeat a message)
  • Fixed RC car, RC boat, Toy Plane, Chess Board, and Coffee Cup collisions when resized with the scaler tool
  • Fixed Copycat inherit rotation being reset when you select a new item to copy
  • Fixed The Stray and King having santa hats still
  • Fixed Toaster, Grill, and Notebook not coloring properly
  • Fixed Bowling ball store not displaying the correct bowling ball model while you preview them
  • Fixed a bug where if you leave Poseidon coaster while your arms are lifted up, your arms will remain up in any other chair
  • Fixed a lightmap issue with the garage door in House
  • Fixed Metal and Wood keg not rescaling with the scale tool
  • Fixed Drum Set sticks not resizing properly with the Drum Set
  • Fixed up collisions for Office Shelf and Chrome Trashcan
  • Fixed quick scaler tool log when you reset scale
  • Optimized networking for canvas networking data, should cut down bandwidth usage by 50% for clients
  • Reduced canvas cube polygon usage
  • Fixed a bug with the Copycat tool and copying from canvases that have no shape (frames, etc.) to canvases that do have a shape


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.

Weekly Dev Log for March 23rd, 2018

Great stuff! Though now I’ll have to get rid of my DIY soda machine… :frowning: :joy:


Small patch to this update (build #2623430):

  • Fixed an issue with Sweet Tooth not being playable
  • Fixed an issue copying surfaces to canvases, which resulted in the canvas data and glow data being wrongly cleared
  • Fixed an issue copying canvas data to surfaces that have their materials overridden
  • Fixed issues with copying map only materials from certain condo surfaces (like the fireplace, etc.)
  • Fixed plastic bubble chair sitting position being offset
  • Fixed a cache issue resulting in the grill still not being colorable


for historical purposes, here’s how it was broken


aaaaaaaaa another update, slow down

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