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  • Little Crusaders: Reduced sprint speed of knights & dragon just a tad
  • Accelerate: Reverted the hurry up timer change back to 60 seconds
  • Accelerate: Increased Pine Valley lap count from 3 to 4
  • Virus: Increased Flak Hand Cannon damage so that each flak bullet can land a kill (unless they are enraged)
  • Virus: New name tags, no longer get in the way of aiming like the current ones do
  • Virus: Increased range of the radar a tad
  • Accelerate: Removed speed lines effects
  • Trivia: Removed requirement to have other players for the Brainiac achievement to unlock
  • Added idle animation to Sea Store NPC
  • New store UI setup. Camera is now set on the NPC you are interacting with (unless it’s in pedestal mode)
  • Finished Sea Store (seal) dialogue and sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed tunnel railing collision
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed gap between boxes in tunnels
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed the ramp out of the waterfall section not giving enough boost
  • Fixed Tower Addiction achievement not unlocking
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed start line screen
  • Fixed Pine Valley Track 2 leaderboards in collection book still showing as “coming soon”
  • Virus: Fixed infected being able to kill survivors before they have ignited (also fixes the white box in the kill feed)
  • Fixed “waiting for players” UI colors being grey
  • Virus: Fixed players becoming infected if they late join during pre-round state
  • Accelerate: Fixed sun item hitting the same player multiple times within a second, thus spamming the kill feed
  • Accelerate: Fixed ready camera not working on track 2 for clients
  • Zombie Massacre - Village: Fixed boss getting stuck on the car
  • Accelerate: Fixed timer, position, speedometer showing while you are finished & spectating
  • Resolved more workshop crashes
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed the host not being able to press the dragon’s button sometimes
  • Virus: Fixed a bug with the weapon system that caused the weapon traces to fail in certain cases
  • Condo: Fixed missing screen space reflections in the outside areas

Before Ship

  • Build
  • Test
  • Write changelog
  • Deploy
  • A new checklist named “Bug Fixes” has been added to the card.
  • A new checklist named “Changes” has been added to the card.


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please tell me there will be new condo Nebraska in this update

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