Update - The Big Optimization One




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[ul][li]https://trello.com/c/X78hlJ6w/194-minigolf-fix-host-fps-issue-where-the-ball-cannot-be-putted-sometimes[/li][li]You can now block other player’s chat messages[/li][li]Optimized day night sky (increased FPS by ~30 in some cases)[/li][li]Reduced draw distance of players[/li][li]Implement level streaming for Plaza (phase 1)[/li][li]Add lots of LODs[/li][li]Reduce draw calls[/li][/ul]

Bug Fixes


Before Ship

[ul][li]Build[/li][li]Test[/li][li]Write Changelog[/li][li]Deploy[/li][/ul]


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[ul][li]“Reduced draw distance of players” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][li]“Optimized day night sky (increased FPS by ~30 in some cases)” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]“Implement level streaming for Plaza (phase 1)” has been checked off on the “Changes” checklist.[/li][/ul]


Big optimization one? 30 FPS+ here i come :smiley:

[ul][li]“Macklin Guy” commented “The day night improvements also effects Condo performance.”[/li][/ul]


Us Intel users will need it

This’ll help people with less powerful rigs with being able to play, and we’ll have more people in-game!

here come dat optimization

Looking forward to this update a lot, optimization is very much needed.

What!? :confused:. Pretty sure my i7 is fine as it is.

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He’s probably talking about Intel HD Graphics (at least that’s what I’m guessing).

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makes sense, since the streaming is more of a GPU part. Hiding a bunch of hidden models decreases the rendering that the GPU has to do.

Can’t wait. :smiley:

:disappointed: :neutral_face: :joy:

The big one

keep out of reach of children

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Not really. UE4 already has occlusion culling (z-map based + optional portal based) which culls occluded actors (that’s how objects are called in UE4) quite early in the rendering pipeline. That means that they are not send to the GPU at all.
However the actors are still active in Ram and the cpu has to process them. Level streaming really helps reducing the ram and cpu usage because the actors only are spawned whenever they are needed. And hence all the physics calculations, batching, frustum culling etc. is not applied to not loaded actors in levels that are not streamed in.

What I really miss though is model LOD. It seems like TU doesn’t have any at all. Maybe because Simplygon is too expensive for them.

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We’re doing LODs all the time.

Simplygon isn’t the only LOD solution as you can do them manually. Simplygon requires projects to have funding of 1.1 million before they even talk to you.

Intel GPU, not Intel CPU.

So that means that your model LOD is so good that I simply didn’t notice? It’s really easy to notice whenever you cull the bushes and other environmental entities because you don’t use any transitions (except for trees).