Unofficial List of Reported Bugs

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to maintain a list of (reported) bugs. This will make searching for reported bugs and checking on the status of them for all you easier. I will frequently update this post with the bugs I’ve encountered and if possible provide logs/video evidence/screenshots to clarify. If you wish to add bugs to this list yourself, please add a reply below and I’ll see if I can reproduce them, if so I’ll add them to the list. I will also be going through the bug forum to seek out bugs that I can reproduce and add them to this list.

Active Bugs

Fixed bugs

Click here to see fixed bugs

Below my own To-Do list what I will work on Monday (13-06), to see if I can reproduce bugs and add them to the general list.

To Do list


  • Test for a bug with spawning items in the playground as reported here



  • Test for repeating names in the Shooting Gallery game as reported here


  • Test for a bug with item duping in the condo as reported here
  • Test if The Glass Corner Table, Bookshelf Long, Bookshelf Rings & Coffee Mug, The Tall Modern Lamp & Lamp now save their color upon reloading the condo.
  • Test for bugs with placing of the punching bag and the fan as reported here
  • Test for a blue outlining on some items when placed as reported here
  • Test for a bug with the stairs to the basement as reported here


  • Host cannot see the scores list in the top right of the screen as reported in Post 21 below


  • Test is it’s possible on GLXY during the bonus level, to jump to another level as reported here



i also have a bug with the media player :frowning: my videos are stuttering and its not my internet :S

Just a minor issue with condos, didn’t think it warranted it’s own thread. ;_;

EDIT: Invisible seam by the door.

Also, in minigolf, the host can’t see the little UI at the top-left which shows who scored with what.

@Allen - Please explain me what exactly is the bug in the above picture?

I will be on holiday from 25 April until 3 May, due this period this topic will not be updated with newly reported bugs.

Perhaps @Zak can assign a staff-member to update the main post for this period with bugs that have been fixed according to the format I’ve been using so far.

As soon as I’m back I’ll from holiday I’ll try to catch up to all the bugs I’ve missed as soon as possible.

I’d like to add that the staircase effect is present everywhere on Garden where the light comes in in an angle. Pretty much every “bowl” at the end of some holes has this effect, although the stripes are really tiny.

I’m back from my holiday and I’ve updated the main post with the fixes from the latest patch. I will scout through the forums this week to look for any new bugs this patch has brought it that need to be added to the list.

Do you mind if I update this when I know a bug has been fixed?

Fixed in

Fixed in

Fixed in

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It’s still possible.

Edit: Very much so

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Not at all, please feel free to edit my post with updates according to the format I’ve been using so far.

I can confirm this is still possible, this bug hasn’t been fixed in version yet.

Weird, I’ll have to ask Foohy about it.

These bugs are fixed right?

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Fixed in

Fixed in

Fixed in

Fixed in

Can’t quite remember when this was fixed, but it’s been fixed for a couple updates now.

The map is called Overtime.

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Lol, my bad xD

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Not sure if this should be classified as a bug. The way Condos work are that they are basically saves for the placement of all the items. This means that if you lose your condo you still keep your items. The fact that you can see these items in the plaza might be changed in the future, but i wouldn’t classify it as a bug.

here’s a minor bug that is really affecting Minigolf

  • After hitting the ball sometimes it takes a long time before being able to hit the ball again.

this could happen cause the game is waiting for the ball to reach a speed of 0. if you look at the ball very closely you can see the ball is still moving. either raise or add a speed limit for the ball to be at before hitting again. or when the ball reaches a certain speed make the ball stop immediately.

A known issue, caused by low framerate and/or high latency of the host, both disliked by the game’s physics calculations.