Unfairly banned from the discord?

Hey gamers, so last night, during all the drama regarding the open source announcement, I was banned, for some reason. I talked to others to make sure that the discord wasn’t deleted, which I thought happened at first. I don’t know why I was banned, and I’d really appreciate a reason as to why. Cheers


hey gamers
There’s your answer. Plain discrimination. Typical.

Maybe it’s unfair, you can try an appeal or atleast get a reason for why they banned you.

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if they want me to make my ban appeal private, I should delete this post, yeah?

i don’t think you need to delete the post unless this thread is seen as some sort of appeal.

All in all i would recommend trying to get them to tell you the reason for why you were banned from the discord.
If you then wanna make an appeal via the pm system you can always remove or hide this thread if you feel its necessary.

alright, will do

found out why I was banned, understandable as to why lol, should’ve kept my mouth shut