Unable to load into Tower Unite

Just reinstalled it today and I am unable to load in, I can start up the game fine, then the loading screen saying ‘loading main’ appears, and no matter how long it is left it just refuses to load into the game, it isn’t responding on task manager and can be closed via task manager but steam doesn’t recognise it as being closed, even when there isn’t any background processes related to it running. So far I’ve tried restarting my PC and reloading, running as admin, complete uninstall (including deleting the tower unite folder entirely) an then reinstalling. Unsure what do.

There’s a couple of possible fixes but nothing specific.

Computer unable to understand PAK files

While unlikely it is possible that your computer is having trouble loading the game files since it’s now all packed into one big file called a PAK.
Luckily it’s possible to set the game to a version where all the files aren’t combined into one single file.

How to do so

Right click on tower unite in the game library and click on properties.
Click on the “Betas” section and select the “lowbandwidth” option in the dropdown menu, then wait while steam downloads the non-packed version of the game.

Other people that have had this issue has had success with updating out of date drivers and checking hardware setting for games on the hardware control panel programs that you can often download, such as GeForce Experience for nvidia geforce graphics cards or Ryzen Master for the amd ryzen series cpus.

So i would recommend looking for the newest graphics card drivers for your GPU, and if you have one of said hardware control programs, try and look up if there’s a setting which can cause problems with games running on the unreal engine or something like that.

While on the topic of out of date software it’s also possible that the computer is missing certain programs that the game requires, such as the microsoft visual c++ runtimes, i would recommend checking in your program list if they are installed, if they aren’t here’s the download links for em:

C++ Redistributable 2013

C++ Redistributable 2015

Sadly there ain’t much info to go on to diagnose the problem or come up with a working solution.

It’s unlikely but you could try and see if the game has made some sort of log filethat could say what happened during the loading screen, the logs in question should be located here:

Also if possible i would recommend opening the task manager or the performance monitor and then boot tower unite and see how much tower unite utilizes in regards to cpu, ram and disk usage and seeing what happens when it gets to the loading screen part, does it it spike or does it just go straight down to 0.


Hi, thanks for the help.
So far I’ve checked and have all of the latest drivers, have the latest C++, issue is still occuring, as soon as I try and launch it its instantly not responding, although the circle does continue to go round and round.

Little to no usage on the CPU and limited on the GPU so unsure. Also no appdata logs.

Also, on occasion after I close it via the task manager, a background process of it will open which is unclosable and the only way to close it is to restart the PC.

The program is unable to be closed via the steam stop button and once closed on task manager it remains running. image
Although I am able to launch other games whilst its in this state.

Dw, I’ve managed to fix it, was some form of issue with the windows antivirus, turned it off and then loaded instantly, you can close it, ty for the help