UI Improvements & Enhancements

The UI is for the most part fine, but when building a condo I’ve found myself slightly frustrated when trying to navigate its menus. I’m aware Mac’s personally planned to give the UI a facelift so now seems like a good idea to well, share my ideas. For the most part I’ve been spit-balling some of these concepts but this is how I would personally enhance & improve the UI. That said I don’t expect most or any of these ideas to get added but feel its at least worth the discussion.

1. Hotbar Changes

This is going to be the most controversial “change” but hear me out.

  • Only display equipables from the hotbars inventory. (Inventory change is explained more below.)
  • Segregate items into 3 categories: Equipables, Tools and Weapons.
  • Segregated items work in their specific tab. We currently have two tabs with obvious rules, however nothing is enforced so it’s mostly just a 2nd tab.
  • Add the ability to disable items without removing them from your hotbar. For example if I have a jetpack in slot 1 and I press 1 on my keyboard it’ll disable my jetpack. Then just simply press 1 again to re-enable it. Visuals such as red squares on the items would also be much appreciated.
  • Replace the current item tabs with the buttons in the example above. Here’s what each letter represents:

A: Apperence (from the menu) shortcut
B: Inventory (from the menu) shortcut
C: Tower Express shortcut
D: Equipables
E: Tools
F: Weapons

2. Improved Inventory

There’s alot here and not everything I’m proposing is displayed in the preview above.

  • Move the inventory to the left (or optionally the right) as displayed above.
  • Besides filters, add a searchbar, refresh button (for tower express), auto-sorting option(s) and an option for displaying inventory on the left or right side. (As previously mentioned.)
  • Make it so when you drag an item out of the inventory menu, the inventory menu auto-hides to avoid cluttered screen space. However leave a little button available to drag said item over to re-stash it.
  • Grey out items that are unavailable or “used up” instead of hiding them from the inventory.
  • In plaza & condos you cannot edit, auto display items that are available. (For example fireworks.)

Pretty nice. The hotbar changes seem a little bit overkill, though. I don’t really think the hotbar tabs not enforcing rules is a bad thing. That change seems a lot less free than what we have now, and it limits how many of 1 item type you can have equipped at a time.

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Yeah I may have went a little overboard. The goal was to attempt to declutter everyone’s inventory and keep everything neat and tidy. The downside is now there’s less freedom.

Also while it’s true with this change you won’t be able to have 16 pets at once, you’ll have the ability to have 8 pets and still have room for all of your weapons and tools.