Typing Derby: Localize passages according to server region

The passages provided mostly use British English instead of American English which can suck for Americans. Would it be possible to localize the spelling according to server region?

unfortunately, sometimes this will end up margins of how many characters to be typed, often leading to unbalanced passages.

The passages used in typing derby were suggested in a mega thread the developers made if I remember correctly. I’m not sure if they will want to hire translators for this. I also think that if this were to become a thing, it should be a settings option rather than based on server region. But at the same time, each player has the same passage so I have no idea.

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It can’t be a setting because American English is shorter, giving an advantage

Not all of the passages were suggestions, a good amount of them are passages from public domain books (The War of the Worlds being an example). But also, if you’re quoting directly from literature, it’d be a bit weird to Americanize the spelling just for the sake of doing so, imo.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, personally, but I’d think it’d be easier to just balance it out by adding some more passages from books using American English (to even the playing field), plus more variety is always good.

This is what I meant:

yeah but not all of the passages were taken from that thread

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