Typing Derby: Cut down repetitive entries (Jekyll and Hyde)

I am so tired of typing out “Mr. Utterson.” There’s gotta be near 10 different text entries for jekyll and hyde alone and I do not understand why. It’s not that amazing of a story to justify this much. IDK if it’s in there for it’s uncommon words and constant punctuation, but as far as content, it’s mind-numbingly boring (sorry I guess). Different novels/stories/subjects are incredibly welcome.

But Martians are cool.

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Oh god the martian ones are also related to J&H as well?! How much of typing derby is J&H??

Is it just me tho? My eyes glaze over when I type all that out. I’ll still finish it but I couldn’t even tell you what it all said. Without context it’s not profound or compelling. It’s jerky and awkward.

This’ll be something that over time should hopefully dilute itself.

Starting this year we’re taking prompt suggestions from the community, and every so often we’ll dump them into the list. If you feel like contributing, feel free to stop by this thread!

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Have seen that exact thread, but I’ve played typing derby a lot thru the years and haven’t seen really anything new in the actual game for a while now. I’m happy for variety, and will add a butt load of star trek tng stuff to that for sure, but I guess I’m just really surprised by HOW much of one subject is currently in place.

I will argue that J&H comes up more than anything else by far. Within 5 rounds of typing derby I’m typing out something Jekyll and Hyde. I am super curious what the percentage is of the current TD word base that is related to J&H. With even over 100 posts in that thread linked of suggestions, I’m surprised it’s still popping up with this amount of frequency.

Again I’m sorry but I rather type out random words than go on constantly about whatever out of context sentences J&H has to offer. Mr Utterson. Martians. I’m over it. If anything it has killed my interest in the lore

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