Twitch streams in media players always muted

I can’t seem to figure out why, but whenever I load a twitch stream onto my TV or in a theater the audio is always muted. I’ve looked everywhere for solutions and nothing seems to help. Anyone have any ideas?

There’s a couple solutions:

  • Check to make sure you don’t have Steam bootstrapper muted by Windows audio settings

  • Open Steam overlay, open the web browser, go to Twitch and load a stream within that browser. Check the audio volume on the player to make sure it is not muted


So I tried both of those. The base page for twitch in the overlay worked fine. I opened a popout player out of curiosity on twitch and it was muted. I don’t know how to change this as a default, I’ve tried googling just the base problem and cant seem to find anything that works.

What I’d try is open up the Steam settings menu.

Click on the Web Browser tab.

Click Delete All Browser Cookies.

Hopefully that should do the trick.

Sorry for the very late reply. I tried this and it sadly didn’t work. Out of curiosity I tried it on my normal browser (Which also had the popout player muted by default) and it worked. Which leads me to believe that the cookies aren’t actually being cleared but I can’t tell why. I guess it’s not a huge deal for me, just something I was trying to figure out for my own curiosity’s sake.