TV Remote and Channels


Everyone has that problem when we get to our condos that we have to walk all the way to our tv to turn it on, right? Its an absolute pain, and sometimes, the layout of our condos makes it to where we cant get to them that easily!

Enter the TV Remote! Now I know what your thinking…

Keep thoughts like that to yourself young man.

But anyway, Basically the TV remote would be something purchasable from Central Circuit that works something like this:

1.) It automatically links with the nearest Media Player, and acts as a remote “on” switch.
2.) It also acts as a sort of channel buffer, with 3-5 possible channels. Players can suggest which videos they want on a channel, and can actively swap between them client-side using the remote. So say for instance that Jose_gonzales_2005 puts a friggin FNAF Fanfic on the TV, but you and the rest of the posse aren’t keen to that. So you turn the TV to a different channel and choose a different video or even a Twitch Stream to watch while Jose gets his cancer fix.
3.) An Admin (or owner of the condo) can see all 3 playlists on the TV and remove videos or put videos in as much as he wants much like a normal TV.

This remote comes with some Limitations, of Course.

1.) Small TV’s Have only a 3 channel Range, 2 host channels and a Private Channel
2.) Large TV’s have a 5 Channel Range
3.) Theater Screens and Monitors Only have a Private Channel, and the Remote does not work on the Monitor at all.
4.) Each TV shares 1 or 2 Host Channels depending on Admin settings. These Host Channels load the same Media across all TVs that are tuned into that channel, though you can only watch one TV at a time.

So yeah! I figure something like this would give the Media Player some sense of realness. I also would like to throw in the suggestion to allow Favoriting a video or steam channel so that players can easily access it without the need to copy the link.

Anyways, Enjoy!

I Love this idea! Multiple channels to flip through with their individual links would allow you to pop-in and out of live streams so easily. Multiple channels alone would be a great update, but I really like the idea of the remote.

It could work just like the condo tools where its just a weapon and you could just use aim to dictate which TV you are controlling, would play well with the novelty of being a universal remote".

Can we also have a manual link so we can choose which tv?



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While i do appreciate the bump I cant help but agree.

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