Media Player 'ways to Power Off'

I really enjoy the Physics-al Media,
It’s a great addition to Condos and has created many different uses for Puzzles/Adventure maps,
*Music/Intro/Tutorial, etc,

My main use with it is limiting Player interaction by having the Physics-al Media control the Power On from a distance at the start of ‘Level 1’ for example.

My downside is that I wish there was a button or a way to turn off the Screen when you leave “Level 1”, and not have it continue into “Level 2”,

  • My suggestion is an adjustable setting that Powers Off based on distance travelled.

  • or an equippable Remote that can be used to switch On or Off different Media Players throughout a Condo by pointing in that direction,

  • or in the upcoming I/O Update you would allow the use of Buttons with Media Players as an alternative way to turn off Screens.



( Similar suggested by, Alexer_Zoderia (2018),⠀⠀hiotewdew (2017),⠀⠀Team_Fortress_2 (2022) )