TU-only memes


no u



apparently during this crisis of the believers of dave, you decided to come in here and attempt to divide us. the only single celled organism here is you, for believing that the magic of dave will be so easily ruined by the likes of you


When you spend all your bowling money on body pillows and then good and new items come while you’re broke


the church of dave is an illegitimate and corrupt occult focused only in plaguing the minds of the population for such a petty purpose as being seen in the limelight. remove yourself from this plane of dimension immediately you wretched and horrid filth.


Do I smell a religious war


this is your first and last chance to submit. join dave, or be smited


Dave, more like Lame


great, now some of them are fucking crying.

do you feel good now, you monster?


Uhh… Dave?


Dave, more like Gave, the G standing for gay.




We must have Dave wick from fort Dave war royale settle this



Here let me visualize it


dave accepts all races, religions, sexualities, beliefs, and / or penal deformities that he may encounter during his adventures


has this gone too far?

  • yeah
  • maybe
  • no

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Which Dave is best?

  • Dave
  • Maybe not Dave
  • Some WalMart knockoff, like Dan, or something like that maybe

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Dave is in trouble, and he needs your help! he needs to buy the new lobby one condo when it drops, but he spent all of his units on catsacks and anime figures. If he’s gonna get the epic jackpot he needs, he’s gonna need a Netflix account, some mountaindew™ and a couple snacks. To help him all he needs is your credit card number, the three numbers on the back and the expiration month and date. But be quick, so dave can get the awesome condo when it releases, and get the epic victory royal cosmic catsack!