TU-only memes


dave was a mistake


I’ve been preaching that for like, literally a year.




Dave has been Snooping as usual around the tower.




When you finally enter Lobby One but you wait for people in the emptiness.


Sounds very aesthetic, but also sounds like you’re in a super market full of zombies, they dont know that you are there, but this song just got them moving and mad.


Basically Dead Rising


Pretty much





If they add dialouge trees some guy will have a waifu dating condo, and this meme will become true


Me when Watching into Roadmap: Trello Updates clicking the new pop up notification, thinking the the notification is a bot adding something new , but instead the notification is just the community commenting on the topic.


I feel sorry for adding this meme but this is how i feel mostly.




Don’t feel sorry, your meme is the truth.


When you jump down from the top of the tower in Resort


you right.


smiles while a tear rolls down my face
oh the memories


When you spend time on a cabinet but you’re also a perfectionist.