TU-only memes


I’m sorry!


Is this god?



You memed my meme!


who dares to meme a meme about a meme



if you think that the dave memes will stop anytime soon, you’re wrong.


i am very angry at the forums right now. want to know why?


You’re spelling his name wrong. You need a D, not a d. Only the real Daves have a capital D.


i feel insulted and discriminated against. dave does not require any flashy lettering nor does he want it. please educate yourself before making assumptions on dave


woah #tension !!!


Call yourself a Dave fan…


Checkmate atheists


i don’t see dave in your profile picture??

wrecked by ben shapiro.


Hey at least @Terry_Maccain isn’t some poser pretending to represent the one true Dave! Dave doesn’t need anybody to dictate how to write his name!


why thank you for recognizing my hidden devoutness, dAvE would be proud of you.


When you finally win the WOM jackpot



Sakurai will add anyone but Waluigi at this point, huh


dave is a shitty forced meme and if you take part in this frivolous nonsense i will have god given right to classify you as a literal single celled organism