TU in 2018?

What Will there be in tower unite 2018?

Come up With your funny/relatable answers!

Zombie Massacre

Tower Unite

and propably fishing.

an enjoyable game


Implying Tower Unite isn’t already enjoyable.
Just, wow…

Not implying Tower Unite isn’t already enjoyable and was potentially just worded poorly.

More players playing Little Crusaders!

Please! :crying_cat_face:


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Don’t get your hopes up.

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The winter update.
(Heck, I was wrong.)

This reply aged like milk

Development on the arcade.

An officially supported stable Linux client, Blockles online Highscore not affected by lagspikes, a super smart brilliant genius download manager that makes custom player models and condos filles with canvases enjoyable even on dialup. Also Bottles of Ketchup mode and fishing in the underwater condo.

What? I can dream.

More development focus’ swaps.

it will have super maro krat racing
no not accelerate mao katr raecing

pretty much the same stuff in 2017 but more