Bottles-of-Ketchup-Mode (Silly level of gore)

As inspired by

Unlocked by the faithful assumption that the user is old enough as truthfully stated by the parental control settings, the Bottles-of-Ketchup-Mode enables cartoon-like exaggerated levels of blood and gore in appropriate areas of TU.

Body part connections aren’t much stronger than string, the neck and bones audibly break all the time, every injury sprays a simple red beam with just enough physics calculations involved to make it identifiable as blood. In cliché anime words: Once a male looks at an attractive female, his nose sprays two fountains of red to the ground resulting in his head being disconnected from the neck by recoil, resulting in a single fountain from the neck and more blood leaving the separated head than could possibly fit inside.

You get the idea. Lots and lots of Ketchup.

Either it would be based on a server variable or just client-side as there would essentially be two worlds: The normal one and the world where missing a step could lead to your decapitation by stumbling and a head rolling around on the floor. Client-side, this simply wouldn’t be synchronized between players and result in someone just turning into a ragdoll.

I have no idea how easy it would be to code and how much would have to be processed so it’d probably just be a joke you enable for five minutes* and should be coded in a way that doesn’t take too much development time.

This would probably not be added in the way I imagine it right now as TU is supposed to be family-friendly but I just had to type it out. :smile_cat:

*Knowing my love for silliness, I’d probably enable it occasionally for hours though…

Nothing to see here![details=.]Since it’s been posted before the voting system was added: Shameful advertising of an older suggestion[/details]


They’ll release an update for just that next week for sure!

Well personally I would think that it would not still be red. Maybe mustard mode?

Or Wasabi mode?


eyy but that is good :slight_smile:

Please don’t necro