Hey, everyone! I saw a forum post recently from the very talented @Skeletonman0 who decided to recreate GM_Construct from Garry’s Mod.

I was really inspired by this and wanted to give it a shot myself with an approach closer to the original map. After around twenty-four hours of hard work I have a good amount done, but there’s still a lot to do.

The only texture that’s final is the grass. There’s a texture bug in the current version that stretches textures instead of tiling them, meaning every texture is a different color of highrise plaster or floor concrete. There’s also a bug that turns all ceilings a yellow/green color due to the grass reflecting onto the bottom side of canvas walls. And just so that we’re clear, the orange swift fields are placeholder buildings until I get around to finishing them fully.

I’m also not completely done with the terrain (which took forever) and the lake side of the map is completely unfinished. The map is also missing most of the underground interiors and the highrise building is only half done.

Every single part of gm_construct will be complete (including the hidden areas) and I don’t plan on cutting any corners. My plan is to open this up as a sandbox community condo in the future for people to build, fish, and hang out in.

Thanks for reading, any constructive criticism is highly appreciated!


Jesus hot damn son

That’s fuckin gorgeous.

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Fantastic job 0-0

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