Tropical Island

I’m going to edit this whole Thread since i dont want to add a new one. This is the Tropical Island. Some of you may know it from the August 2020 Contest. Since it’s bigger and better i may use this one instead of the small unfinished Island in smooth dirt. Anyway here is it!

To get to the Island by using a Ship (you just use a Teleporter).

The Island is made of 3 Parts. The first part is the Grill Area and a hidden Cave behind the waterfall. Now the Cave isnt that hidden anymore…

Inside the Cave you have a Lounge, a Musical Area and a Bar. You can also swim inside the cave.

The Secound Part contains 3 Minigolf Areas and a small Memorial of Rick May. To get to the Secound Part you have to cross the brigde.

The last Part has a Huge pool, Minigold & Volleyball area and more!

Well, thats it. Hope you guys like it!


Welcome back! Island is looking pretty lovely!


What condo is that so much water underwater maybe

It’s Smooth Dirt I believe. You can change the texture on the ground.

It is Smooth Dirt, just like OutGamed100 said. Changed the texture on the ground to water dark.

Edit: It was on Smooth Dirt but now i made another one for the Contest and “replaced” it.

Is the island a workshop model?

no, most of it is used with canvas cubes.


damn that’s impressive

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He must spent a lot of work on it

really, if i count everything on how much time I spent, its less than a week.


Great stuff.

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In total, how many canvas cubes have you used in this build? Just curious :smile:

right now i have placed 1.341 cubes in my condo.