Transcation didnt go through, still lost the 100k tickets

I finally decided to buy a scooter to do dumb stuff with friends. Went to buy it, then the transaction screen continued going for 10 minutes, then i rejoined the server and my tickets were gone and i didnt have the scooter in my inventory.

We are currently having downtime with Steam, inventory is delayed. You should still get your item. If not please let us know.


Thanks for such a quick reply. My achievements have begun to update and actually work, but i still havent received the scooter in my inventory yet. How long should it take, if it is to eventually work?


I’m currently setting up my systems and I’ll grant you the item here in a bit.

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I have the same issue though I was trying to get the fox pool toy and spent 18k units trying to get it and I never did. What the heck is going on? If people spend their units for something, they expect to get said something and not waste units for nothing.

Getting the infinite transaction thing too. Bought a second 30k ticket UFO pet and didn’t get it but it deducted 30k.

Instead of hanging like that why doesn’t it just time out like it does when you buy something for units?
“Transaction failed please try again”


Surprisingly enough for me after I made my post about the issue, I was granted the two fox pool toys without being notified of it and bought a third by accident, I am grateful that PuxelTail did actually take notice of my two transactions, if possible, and gave me what I paid for to counter the waste of units. Though literally timing out an transaction is a better choice for them to implement, rather them not do so at all and unintentionally cause players to give them units for absolutely nothing… except, I’m pretty sure PixelTail won’t allow that, because they may already see that as an potential loss of players and if any of the players really do pay actual money to support PixelTail as well, then they will see that as an loss of profit hands down.

Oh and, PixelTail (especially you Macdguy), if you do see my second reply that is directly above this one, you don’t have to do anything with the third pool toy at all because I sold the first two.