I remember there was trading in GMT, be cool to trade rare items such as bubbleguns, gold catsacks or other items between friends

This was already suggested many times, and my personal opininion is still “no”.


You’re free not to do it then if it becomes a thing then I suppose

That’s not the point. I’m againts it because it promotes and allows for trading items/units for real life money, scamming, account stealing and such.

EDIT: I should mention that a part of me wants trading too, as it’d be yet another interesting activity for a game like TU, and it’d also allow for legit exchange of items. I just think that the cons overweight the pros.


Its just annoying for some people who spend like 50k to get a bubble gun, while others get like 3 in a row, or people who get an influx of gold catsacks, a possible ingame economy would be interesting to see, I can see how people may explot this to scam people, that being a downside to it