Trading items or money


I’m not entirely sure where to put this suggestion, but I just wanted to suggest this:

I was thinking, it’d be nice to trade/give your friends some items (Excluding milestones) and help them build more of there condo while not really placing stuff. My friend told me he is kind of glad that no one can/place things because he worries that someone would move something wrong. Of course when it comes out (May or may not be a thing in the future, but it’d be pretty sweet to edit condos together) there’d be settings for specific people, and some will be given permission and some not.

And not just trading items, maybe some money or something related to that. Or, maybe just having the ability to lend a friend some coins.(That’s what I call Units, if that’s not the official name, I’m not sorry)



Trading has been discussed, but I can’t remember if it’s something the devs wanted to add. Also community condos are planned.



Sweet, thanks for the info



its a tough topic, since “giving players items they haven’t worked for is unfulfilling and isnt fair for people who got them all themselves”
but also for me to be able to trade exclusive event items for high prices feels like a thing i need to be able to do.

I think that in the end TU DOES need trading, especially since with community condos there will probably be one main player who builds most of the normal bulk of the condo allowing other players to build other areas, and allowing people to donate items and money to the main player to get the condo built better and quicker (as a team) is a nice idea imo.



To respond about the multiple people editing a condo thing: Yes, that is happening, and yes there will be settings to select who has permission to work on it.

As for trading, the problem with it is that there’s no going back once it is implemented. It will have huge effects on Tower’s economy and until the dev’s know that it’ll work, they can’t promise anything regarding it. Personally I used to be all for trading, but since then I’ve come to realize that it comes with so many complications that I’m now moreso against the idea.



gimme some of them tf2 keys for a cosmic catsack.



Idk if I’m wrong, but I remember MacDGuy saying that you won’t be able to trade units. For items, I don’t know



I don’t think the devs are against it, it’s just such a large thing to add because it can affect things and can’t really be removed afterwards.



i just need a way to cash out on getting all these extra event items that are useless once you have more than 1 of them,
and selling them for such a low price isn’t fair imo, like i dont want to sell all these spooky guns for 1k each, i just want to give them for like a higher more decent price, helping me get more money, and helping the other player get that item they missed or are too lazy to get.
its just so annoying since half of the players need trading and don’t think the game is complete without it, but then the other half thinks it will ruin TU
(which unless you are a player which easily will get scammed, if so just don’t use the trading, its there but not a feature forced in your face, you can play without it)

I also like the idea of trading since it allows you to meet people and make friends, since if your trading you will be walking around talking to people who want to trade…
(rather than trying to talk to half dead mute casino players)

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Oh I know the devs aren’t against it, but I personally am after I considered it some more.

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i also want to be able to trade spare event items, but i sometimes just want to give some out since i don’t need to have 20 spooky guns and two sleighs etc