TrackMania Skins

I felt like making some skins for TrackMania 2 in honour of Tower Unite. I hope you enjoy them!

TM2: Canyon

If you want to use this skin yourself, go ahead.

TM2: Stadium (should work for TrackMania Nations as well)

Give this skin a run, if you wish.

TM2: Valley

This skin is up for grabs.


Very Nice! Great way at getting the game exposure…through other games haha.

I only play Stadium. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work!

That was fast… :fearful:
Thanks for the compliments!

They look sexy. Nice work! :smiley:

Glad to see other TrackMania players around here! Skin looks epic!

That’s so awesome.


Oh man, it looks awesome.

Lol that’s really cool, I never tried track mania but I guess I’ll try now :smile:

Edited the original post! The Stadium skin is now available! I should have Valley ready in a day or two.

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The Valley skin is out now; the original post has been edited to reflect this. Thanks for all the positive comments!

I used to play TrackMania until 2 Canyon came out; I never got around to buying it. These skins look cool though, and I might use the Stadium one on United Forever (if it’s compatible).

It should be; I think both versions of Stadium use the same .DDS arrangement for the skins.