Tower Unites impact on my life

How I discovered Tower Unite, I was playing a roblox game in like 2015 or 16 that was a copy of GMod tower then I found out GMod tower was the original tried to install shortly after but never ever got it to work. A few months later a local youtuber I watched a lot made a video on Tower Unite and I went like heey I recognize this and I looked into the game and I bought it, my laptop wasn’t the best so all I did at that time was play some MG and build a little condo and here I am now I build condos a lot and play minigolf. Tower Unite is a big part of me since it let’s me be creative and meet friends and now during this global pandemic thing it’s a good place to virtually hang out with friends. Love you all - Blue Wolf


Was that GMT ripoff called like Gmod Cruise or something like that? If so, I actually played a bit of that. Was actually half decent as far as clones go.

It wasn’t because as I said it was in roblox it was called “The Plaza” it was really fun back then

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Is this it?

The Plaza - Roblox

EDIT: Nevermind. Just looked it up. Gmod Cruise Line is, in fact, in Gmod. Don’t know what I was thinking. This is the game mode I was thinking of. It was pretty fun.

Yeah that’s the one

Thought so. And yeah, like I said before, it was pretty decent as far as clones go. Didn’t play too much of it as I don’t really care for Roblox, I mainly just wanted to see how similar it was. I was the complete opposite of you. I was already playing TU when that came out and people were talking about it on here, so I decided to check it out.

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I mean yeah it is a copy but it was as far as I could come with a shitty laptop and I mean I’m here on TU now lol

Oh, yeah. Totally. Never said there was anything wrong with that.

there’s 2 gmt clones based on cruise ships? there’s also a gmod gamemode called gmod cruise line (it sucks ass btw i played it like 2 years ago with a friend out of curiosity)


Look at my post right after that. I got confused.

Yeah, I’m a moron. lol