Tower Unite: What 2019 Meant To You

It’s the end of the year, and 2019 has personally been a massive year for me - mainly because of you guys! I could talk about what Tower Unite meant to me this year for hours (and I probably will) but we want to hear your stories too.


Tower in general has changed my life. Little did I know that back in 2013, one little YouTube video would change my life. I played GMod Tower back then up until it shut down. When TU released, I bought it and I sure didn’t regret it. I bought TU because it was more than just a “continuation” of GMT. It was like GMT was completely revamped. It was amazing. Tower has changed my life and I’d like to thank the developers for that. But, fast forward three years later. 2019… 2019 was one hell of a year for me and for tower all together. We got some really big and great updates this year such as the achievements, lobby 3, exp, milestones, a TON of new maps, a TON of new furniture, fishing and even the smaller stuff such as the GMod Tower UI changed it. And also don’t let me forget to mention that the arcade is also being worked on. Like, 2019 was a good year for tower. A great year.


Fishing with friends calmed my nerves for test season.

Thanks tower.

EDIT: Y’all out here writing full paragraphs of heart-warming stories, and here I am feeling insecure in my one and a half lines.


I still remember a friend of mine gifted me this game for free because he had an extra copy of it, it was like back in 2017, and i can’t thank him enough, if it wasn’t for him, then surely i wouldn’t have this much fun this year, and also meeting interesting people.

this year, ive met decent amount of friends in Tower Unite, and we always chitchat about upcoming updates and achievements (and sometimes fatal errors but what can you do.) and the events you announce was and always is a blast, more interaction to the community and rollercoaster level of fun (ho ho ho.)


This year has easily been my favourite year for Unite and marks the moment where in my eyes Unite has truly stepped out the shadow of it’s predecessor.

It honestly blows my mind just how much Unite is starting to taking shape. Lobby 3 has just injected the Plaza with so much life and all the Community Events like Condo Contests and the Game Nights have been an absolute blast.

(I really liked the Poker and Fishing updates too, spent A LOT of time on those)


Though I was never around to witness the new massive updates (Like fishing, the new plaza), I still found this year to be really great with TU, even if I only played it for a couple weeks towards the end.

What it meant to me was…Meeting new people, and having a great time, if you had told me 2 months ago I would be stuck around at 2 a.m. talking to people on this game again about random stuff in life, having a good laugh, and screaming at each other as we realize just how much of a nightmare sweet tooth (the minigolf map) was with 8 other people, i’d have probably believed you too be honest, BUT the point is:

What tower unite meant to me this year, was the opportunity to relive something that I, and so many others had lost (for the best): GMT, because, let’s face it, not everyone was onboard with TU at the time it was announced, and now that we’ve slowly got more and more stuff, people have been interested again, and this allowed people like myself and you (Whomever may be reading this) to meet lots of new people, some we may have become friends with, others we might see once or twice, never see them again for a couple weeks, and then you are getting smashed in your condo with them and throwing up everywhere; or playing texas hold 'em, fishing together, heck, you could even meet one of the devs (Like good 'ol Nath!), or a semi-famous youtuber that you didn’t even realize played TU, and they were cool enough to let you take a pic with them. It made me relive memories I forgot about.

I guess what i’m getting at…Is that this year meant so much, even if I hadn’t been playing that much at all this year (Literally picked up the game again a couple weeks ago), and quite frankly, I will always be proud to be a backer for the game, knowing this is only the beginning for greatness.

May 2020 be even greater than 2019, and I hope I will catch you guys around


Personally I have found Tower Unite to be quite the social experience.

I began playing sometime around Christmas 2016. Back then I was wandering around the Gmod/TF2 community, helping co-own a TF2 server, and looking for something more. Lo and behold I run into none other than, ironically, Mini Ladd and several others who were playing Tower Unite’s Minigolf. I was intrigued, and eventually bought the game not long after. What was once a whim decision became one of the most important and influential choices of my life, because while I was familiar with Gmod Tower, I never got to experience it at all due to the shitty pc I had at the time (A Dell Inspiron, lol). This game, small as it was at the time (Only 3 Condo maps, 4 Gameworlds, and minimal activities in the plaza), quickly became one of my all-time favorites.

Then there was the community. I’ll admit, y’all motherfuckers are quite…diverse…but even with that, I was amazed to see the interconnectedness of the TU/GMT community. It was one big family, and slowly but surely, I became a part of it. Now being a TU Content Creator (Arguably), I’m glad for the experiences I’ve had here with you all so far. On top of that, there was the very open-minded, communicative Dev team that really pushed things forward. Getting to know Mac, Caboose, Mike, Nath, and the others really has helped me better understand the throes of game development to such a degree that its now my career path.

That’s right, mofos. Tower Unite inspired me to be a Game Dev. I’m at University right now. And hopefully, one day after I graduate, I would like to put my talents to use with Pixeltail and give back to the community that gave me so much.

2019 has been one of TU’s best years. A new Plaza, Achievements, even new Plaza features and vast improvements to the backend, but nothing tops the wonderful experience of the community and what its like to be a part of it.

I look forward to 2020, and I hope that as the game Grows further, we can reflect on how far TU has grown across the Decade from a small Gmod Community to, what I feel as, one of the best Community games ever made in the history of humanity. (I’m not saying this to be cheesy, also suck it VRChat.)


I have checked the forums for new posts and replies on large threads almost every day this year. It’s been a great source of entertainment.


I f**king love this game. This year really showed how far the game has advanced. This was the first year I joined the forums, and I gotta say I’ve been addicted since. I love meeting with the community in game, especially with Nath and the gang during the game nights. I think the anniversary for GMT also showed the difference between the original mod and where TU is now. I felt a lot of nostalgia around that time as well, going back to the video that led me to GMT:

I seriously love this community, and I hope we can continue to love this game for years to come.

Ohhh boy. I remember back in 2017, 6 days after my birthday, i came across this game while searching for something to buy. I decided why not.

yeah here i am in 2019 with 2,439 hours and disappointed family members

All jokes aside this has been a great year, at the start of january-february, i was kind of burned out of non-stop playing this game. Then, the normally hated and one thing i swear i would never touch, the instrument aspect of the game came to mind, sure why not. so i started learning songs on the piano by looking at sheets online. That quickly turned into more and more songs, after a few months of doing that, going into condos and playing it to see what people would think, i realised that i wasn’t just interested in the piano aspect in the game, but rather in playing the music itself, and generally having fun in the meantime. So i started taking piano classes, i swear to god, this was the best decision a man could make. I’ve already learned alot of different songs from different genres, and i absolutely love it, i’ve only been doing it for 5 months by now, and i’m so glad i did it. Anyways, i could go on and on why that was a really good decision, but that would take forever.

This year has been a great one other than the fact i found my interest for music, we’ve had alot of great Stuff the past year, and i hope for another great one down the line. Thank you devs for your hard work and effort, i hope yall have fun on your vacation, you deserve it. :heart:


I shall remember 2019 as the time I fully played Tower Unite.

The past 3 years I haven’t into Tower Unite to be honest. I had Tower fatigue from the GMod Tower closure and had the big sad. I felt empty whenever I tried to play Tower Unite in 2016, 2017, or 2018.

Then the Fishing Update was went live in 2019 and I came across the Steam Group Announcement across my Steam Friend Activity feed. This greatly got me interested in Tower Unite again and gave it a big try.

Then I got it again, The tower addiction.

Tower Unite in 2019 was like a unique experience that kept surprising me. Although I was familiar what Tower Unite was, it was still able to surprise me how much Tower Unite changed over the years.

I was expecting Lobby 2 when entering the plaza, but to my surprise I saw lobby 3. Seeing multiple of people wearing different playermodels fishing together on the boardwalk also brought a smile a face. I also got to experience my first Halloween and X-Mas event in Tower Unite.

These moments really reminded how much I loved the Tower projects.

So thank you Tower Unite 2019 for giving me a experience that make me feel like whole again.


good tunes, good vibes, good times.


This needs to be the new TU slogan.


2019 for me was a usual world of wonder. Meeting new guys like Nath reminds me of the massive community we live in.

I can’t wait for the new wonders we might have in 2020.

I first got this game when it entered Early Access in 2016. Since then I’ve communicated with you guys a lot.


This game literally reminded me of my past 6 years ago to an extent. A lot of the features definitely have strongly improved since GMOD Tower back in 2011. 6 years ago I was into the whole virtual world scene, doing this and that…

Nowadays, Tower Unite continues to be one of my only games installed on my SSD always because it has been something I can come back to quite often, when I have the motivation to play it. I’ve enjoyed every update the game has gotten. The new Tower Unite versus GMTower (8 years ago) proved that I can put a lot of time (as of this post, I have 184.7 hours on record and is my 11th most played game on Steam right now).

I haven’t played TU in a while, especially near the end of 2019 when I got back into it. TU still needed the content to really get into it all, but it seems like 2019 is the year that TU got enough of it’s juice to rope me in as a game! University has been tough for me, but TU recently housed it’s place as a game I can long for ever since GMT closed. I always hailed it as the best Gmod gamemode when nobody really listens. :grin:


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I’m late, but I want to say thank you to everyone here. The staff and the players, thank you for making the last few months just totally insane.

Joining the PixelTail team has changed me a lot, and I’ve loved every single moment I spend at work and/or in Tower Unite. Meeting new people and building connections or seeing the regulars in global chat is so much fun.

I want to thank you guys for being so accepting of me! You guys are too kind and I’m honoured to look after you all and be part of the team.

Going into 2020, I can’t wait to make more memories in Tower Unite and with the devs. It’s been a wild ride so far and I can’t wait to see what’s in store in 2020! :white_heart:


what i did mostly was grinding for units… and had a damn fun time doing so