Tower Unite Tries to Run as a VR Game when the HTC Vive is Plugged in

Hey guys. Before I get started, I just want to say that I’m not 100% sure that this is a bug/issue the devs can fix, but I’ll post this here just in case.

It seems that whenever I have my HTC Vive plugged into my computer, it’s seen as a VR game (which it isn’t) and sends it to my Vive. I know this because when I look into my Vive I see a warped version of the game, which makes it unplayable. Here’s what I see on my monitor. Based on what I see through my Vive, it’s showing my right eye. Obviously, there’s no way I can play Tower Unite like that. You can’t even see the menu!

Basically it appears that when Tower Unite is launched, it checks to see if I have a VR headset plugged in, and if I do, it’s sent to the headset, leaving an unplayable game. When I unplugged my Vive, Tower Unite looked and worked just fine. I don’t know if there’s an option the devs can click to stop sending it to my Vive, but it would be great if I didn’t have to unplug my Vive to play the game. I certainly think it would save other VR enthusiasts a headache or two.

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TU has very basic VR support. That’s why.

No it doesn’t. The game isn’t playable when it’s like that. If there’s any support, it’s through the engine and should be disabled.

Try disabling automatic VR in Steam settings. Not at my desktop at the moment, so I can’t say where the setting is, but it should be hard to find.

I don’t think it’s a steam setting. I’ve downloaded non steam VR games that work the same way. With that said, let me know where that setting is in steam and I’ll see if that fixes it.

I have the same bootup problem with my oculus, and it’s because the engine has engrained preliminary VR-support. There’s no real off switch for it, you can play any UE 4.9 or later game in VR through Vive and 4.11 with oculus. The only thing I can think to do is to turn off automatic VR.

The developers have not done anything in the path of VR development and they won’t for the foreseeable future, but the engine natively supports small things like looking around, peeking at things, aiming with the bottom half of your vision. UI is definitely not built for VR yet, but I don’t expect the game to work in the smallest sense if they haven’t done anything.

The setting I had in mind was the theatre mode, but I don’t think disabling it is going to help here.

According to the devs, it does.

Also, some people have already got it running in VR