Tower unite keeps uninstalling it self

so recently ever time i shut down my pc and turn it back on later it uninstall tower unite

Tower Unite has no code to uninstall itself, your issue lies with Steam.

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thx you

  • Do you see the progress of the uninstall or is it just suddenly not there anymore?
  • Does this happen with other games as well?
  • Is your file system healthy?

My first wild guess would be broken permissions on the game files. Try those:

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for question 1 when i turn my PC off or shut it down and i turn it back on it always uninstalled

for question 2 no only to tower unite

for question 3 nothing has changed since I have gotten the game

Did any of the linked Support Articles help?

I’m going to assume you mean “It’s just gone” and you don’t see any progress bars, dialogues or similar whatsoever. Is Tower Unite on the same drive and partition as other unaffected games?

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