Tower Unite is missing by Nvidia after adding a 2nd screen to my computer

Title says it all.

I’m using GeForce Experience since a while to record everything from my games (screenshots/videos), including Tower Unite.

The problem is, GeForce refuses to let me record anything from Tower Unite since i plugged a 2nd screen, though it seems to have detected it as i have the small top right green/black popup saying that “This game doesn’t support this feature”…

It seems shadowplay isn’t great when it comes to recording on systems with more than one monitor attached, leading to all sorts of bugs and issues such as shadowplay deciding that the systems secondary monitor must totally be the primary screen and only record from that.

There sadly ain’t much information on the issue in question so i can’t really conclude what the cause is or write a proper fix for it.
Could be that shadowplay is attempting to do some sort of multiscreen recording and that TU doesn’t support this, thus leading to shadowplay showing that error message.

Although i have no damn idea on how this could even be a factor in the issue, i genuinly have no idea why this program is complaining about having to record more than one screen output.
Seriously finding information on the possible causes of the issue was like breaking down a concrete wall with a toy hammer.
Personally based on what i was able to find i have come to the conclusion that shadowplay is a very shitty recording program.
And i would recommend that you find an alternative program that doesn’t make these stupid complaints and where selecting screen source isn’t a giant hassle, like windows 10’s own built-in recording software or literally almost anything else.

But i did find a possible workaround atleast:
Go to your desktop and right click on it, then click on NVIDIA control panel
Under the Display section you find and click on “Set up multiple displays”
Set the screen you run TU on as the primary monitor

Or one could switch to another recording application that actually can record more than one screen without bugging out,

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Half-solved this.
Selecting Fullscreen Borderless breaks Nvidia’s features.
But now when i switch to my 2nd screen, the game goes reduced.

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